Home inspection could be a necessary step you may be skipping while buying a home. There could be several construction faults which only a professional could recognise and safeguard you from making a bad investment decision. Here’s what home inspectors can do -

The Indian real estate sector is highly opaque. Unlike the western countries, India lacks professional services required to assist in making a safe real estate investment. These services are very relevant to protecting one’s investments. One such service is that of home inspection that one must avail prior to purchasing a property. In western countries, the inspection team works towards finding issues in a home which are the builder’s liability and need to be fixed before purchase. Normally, a layman would not be able to recognise such faults and assume the building to be a safe investment since it has been constructed by trained laborers using state of the art equipment.  

Usually, home buying has several challenges and hurdles which one has to overcome in India. Issues include legality of property documents, ensuring the property is eligible for Occupancy Certificate, checking for encroachments, etc. These are fundamental and absolutely critical in safeguarding one’s lifetime savings. But given the untrained labor force that is typically used in residential projects, property inspection should be an important box to check off your list while shortlisting a home.

In many a cases, you may find an apartment that seems good for purchase. However, there could be several issues that you may discover after purchasing. Buyers often tend to assume a property by a reputed builder to be absolutely good to go ahead with. However, you may come across issues such as leaking roof and non-functioning of bathroom fixtures. With no option left, you may end up spending a substantial amount of money in fixing these problems. The shock comes when the problems do not end and only aggravate with time.

While it will definitely be difficult to free yourself from these problems once the purchase has been made, the fact is that these problems can be easily addressed through a series of checks performed using standard equipment. Home inspectors can easily identify potential problems in terms of leakages, broken or improperly fixed tiles, faulty electrical grounding, sanitation issues etc. For a homebuyer, this will serve as a checklist that they can give the builder and ask them to make these rectifications.

Roping in for such services may involve some cost. However, you may realise that putting in a meagre sum of Rs 10,000 could help you save lakhs in repairing at a later stage. There are still several homebuyers who are unaware of the existence of such services. Getting a home inspected not only saves you the expenditure, but allows you to timely seek a builder to fix all the issues for free.

So, once you have selected the property and have completed the necessary due-diligence, one should definitely employ the services of a professional and experienced home inspector as an important check. They use advanced gadgets during inspection like the Clamp Meter, Moisture Meter, AC Fault detectors, Digital Insulation Tester, Laser distance measurer, Infrared Thermometer, AC Voltage Detector, Rubber Hammer, Walabot 3D Imaging Sensor etc. during the inspection process. The expenditure is definitely worth the benefit of safeguarding oneself from hefty spends later.