Marble has made a recent comeback in the world of interior design. However, the key to keeping the trend fresh is using it in small doses, accents and statement pieces, rather than in amounts that overwhelm the eye. 

When we look at the history of architecture, we find the use of marble in almost every structure created. The metamorphic rock has many unique characteristics, shades and colours and continues to impress even today. The natural material, with its aesthetic prominence, designs, colours, and patterns, has perhaps gained immense popularity and is used in different architectural elements across various verticals, including hospitality, commercial and residential.

Here are a few ways to integrate marble in the interior and exterior spaces of your house:

Interiors of the house

Make marble part of your floors

Marble is one of the best ways to make your home aesthetically beautiful and significantly functional. It renders a grandeur look and is most suitable for people who prefer royal, yet modern and sleek interiors. A few types of marbles used for flooring are Michael Angelo, Porcelain tiles and Travertine, among others.

Focus on marble furniture

When going for luxe decor, marble furniture is an excellent choice. It adds a statement, augments space and renders a high-end look. You can use marble in decor pieces, such as centrepieces, dining table, bedside tables, consoles, coffee tables, vases, pendant lights, and table lights to add a touch of sophistication and elegance. Moreover, maintaining marble is relatively easy, and since it is strong and sturdy, it lasts for a lifetime. Sodalite Blue, Amazonite, Oxy Blue and Oxy tiger are a few types of marble used for furniture and decor items. 

Use marble in the bathroom and kitchen

The ideal thing about the marble is that it blends well with everything and is a perfect alternative for all rooms of the house, including the bathroom and the kitchen. Whether the style is classic or modern, rustic or sleek, it suits all. Besides, it is the right choice for bathroom countertops, tub, sink tops, shower walls and flooring. 

Quartzite and Granite are two types of stones that are mainly preferred for kitchen countertops, islands and backsplash. They stand out as they are durable and easy to clean and substantially enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. For flooring and walls, Dalchini Feather Quartzite, Dolce Vita and Patagonia remain more preferred in Indian kitchens.

Exteriors of the house


Facade cladding is extremely crucial both for functional and aesthetic reasons. Choosing the right marble for facades spruces up the exteriors of the house and protects it against climatic conditions with minimal maintenance. Hence, marble such as Travertine, Limestone and Mocha stones are more popular.


Marble is a suitable option for decorating outdoor spaces such as large lawns, backyards or front yards. Thanks to its rough texture and hardness, it is also an excellent solution for balconies.

Furthermore, the natural texture and colours of marble also make it an appropriate option for the swimming pool area. Even placing small marble sculptures and fountains in and around the garden and using marbles, such as Green Aventurine and Neo Charmer for outdoor furniture, lobby and staircase can enhance the aesthetics and functionality.