How to protect your home interiors in monsoon season


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Though the onset of monsoon has several upsides, one cannot ignore the hassles it brings when it comes to maintaining the interiors of the home. Rains not only damage the exterior of the house but also pose a challenge in the regular upkeep of the interiors. However, here are some effective and simple ways that would help you in easy home maintenance in the monsoon season.

 Monsoon brings moisture and humidity that slowly harms the interiors of the house, thus, it is essential to take necessary precautions to safeguard against damage of interiors. Right from the furniture to the walls and electronic devices, humidity impacts everything in the home.

To start with, one should ensure due care of the furniture as humidity may cause swelling of the wood or rusting of the iron depending upon the furniture you own. Along with your furniture, you should also keep in mind the safety of the electronic devices. Walls are prone to leakages and it is necessary to keep gadgets away from such walls to avoid any short circuits. On the other side, to forestall dampness, it is recommended that you run a home dehumidifier as it controls humidity level up to 50 percent.

Keep your home without mold, as mold spores developing on different surfaces will rapidly influence your furniture too. To avoid this, make sure you do not place any wet material on wood items and they are dried as soon as possible.  Once finished cleaning, make sure no moisture remains. Mold can grow faster than you think.

Another significant fact to consider is interior wall damage that may arise owing to the use of inferior quality of paint on the exterior of a house as it allows moisture seepage. It is recommended that you consider repainting the home exterior with a coat of waterproof cement paint before the monsoon season to avoid such circumstances. Wooden exteriors tend to swell amid the season; you can reassemble every pivot after varnishing to avoid that.

One of the most concerning problems occurs when your woodwork like floors, doors, cupboards, and windows absorb the moisture present in the air and swell up. To avoid this, try to keep your furniture away from windows, and any moisture laden spots.

 As said earlier, the earthy wet mud aroma is not all that the monsoons bring along. Dirt is another thing that enters your home and maintaining carpets and rugs can become a tough task too. To avoid this, place doormats and indoor rugs strategically at the entrance to ensure that visitors do not bring their muddy shoes straight to your floor carpet from the door. This will reduce the amount of mud that your carpet is exposed to. Use lighter rugs, preferable plastic ones that are easy to clean and dry.

Curtains are another issue in the monsoon as it gets dirty easily and hence to clean it, we tend to wash them. But, the real problem occurs when we try to dry them. When the question arises on how to dry curtains, you can opt for lighter wash-and-use fabrics for the season instead of heavy ones so that even if the rain water makes it wet, they will dry easily without getting damaged.

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