How to plan closets better in modern apartments?


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It does not matter what sort of closet you are planning in your modern-day apartment. What’s important is that you take your time and plan in advance about using every space of your apartment wisely to build closets. 99acres takes you through tips and tricks to plan better closets in your homes.

One of the major issues of living in a small or poorly designed apartment is lack of storage. The residents of modern-day apartments often complain about the shortage of space to store away their essentials. It is impossible to find a way to accommodate your items in one house given the space constraints. If you find your articles falling the moment you open your cupboard, you are surely in need of a makeover or need to cater to the increase in items in your home.

Ajay Agarwal, Chairman, Geopreneur Design Studio says, “Closet depth can be standard 24 inches, wherever hanging of clothes is required. A part of the wardrobe can be made with 18 inch depth where folded clothes are required to be kept and floor space can be saved. Also, closets should be designed for regular clothes and the 'not quite often' used clothes can be kept in other storage spaces like overhead cabinets or cabinets below the window sill. Front wall of the bedrooms can be replaced with the closets and it can help in maximum usage of the floor area. Between two bedrooms, instead of wall, wooden wardrobe can be designed that can be used from both the sides.”

No one loves putting all of their things in a closet. Small, messy closets can make a huge tussle to find things and make it annoying to put things away. Probabilities are that most of the times you will have things spilling out of the closet on the floor. Instead of suffering, why not use some mere solutions to keep yourself organized and use your closet space efficiently. Here are a few closet tips that will maximize your space and keep you sane.

Get an overview of the closet

The first step to approach the task is to first get an overview of what stuff is actually stored in the closet and needs to be there. Look through them thoroughly and sort out rack by rack, shelf by shelf and drawer by drawer, to get an idea of what is in the closet and what is not. Essential clothes that are oft repeated should find their way to your closet and the ones that are rarely used should either be put somewhere else or given away.

Make a general closet “Plan”

Analyse how much space your clothes will require and try to segregate your formals, informal and business casuals in the closet. A great way to go about the planning is to draw a sketch of the closet on paper and then move on to acquire the necessary items to implement the plan.

Classify small items into small sections

To keep things organized, it is extremely useful to bring together such small items into smaller sections. By making use of drawer dividers, you can easily separate one small item from another, and avoid mixing up a sock or a tie in the morning before work.

Use uniform hangers

When it comes to clothing that needs to be hung, it can make a vast difference if the hangers used are of the similar size and shape. Having all clothes hanging at the same level, makes it easier to pick and select between them, and gives a neat impression.

Use Overhead storage for rarely used items

Always cater to the rarely used items of your house by building an overhead storage space, either in a spare room or in one of the guest rooms to cater to pile up the rarely used articles. This helps you remember where you stocked your items without having to look for them everywhere. A lot of people also use overhead storage space to stock the kitchen items as well as blankets, cushion covers and suitcases.

Use double hangs

Many people have observed that the existing space for their hangers is fixed, and have to closely hang one shirt next to the other. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to dual the amount of hanging space in the closet: Use double hangs.

Use transparent shoe boxes

Shoes are known to make a wardrobe untidy. No matter how hard you work to keep your shoes in tidy pairs, every time you open the closet, the shoes look scattered. The best way to keep your shoes in an organized manner and take them out whenever required is to keep them in a transparent shoe box.

Hang stuff on the back of the door

One of the easy ways to keep your room clean and closet overcrowded is by hanging the everyday clothes behind the door. There are several ways to utilize this unusable area, the best of which is probably fitting a hanging door organizer. These are available in different sizes and shapes. For instance, they are accessible as hanging shelves, pockets, or simply a set of bars to hang your stuffs.

Follow these helpful suggestions to get your closet organised and keep your home orderly on any day of the week.

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