How to make your home reflect your personal style?


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Do you plan to create a home that mirrors your personality and style? Here are some effectual tips that would aid you in creating a comfort zone and a beautiful house that is an extension of your personality.

 How often have you seen an outfit you liked in a shop, and thought “I wish I could wear that – but I’m not sure if it would look good on me”?  How we style ourselves is usually a statement of our personality.  Exactly the way we decorate and style our home should reflect who we are and what we like. 

If you are a traditionalist – preferring classic, traditional looks?  It could be a European style or Indo-colonial style that you feel at home. Or do you like to challenge the norm, do things a little bit your own way? You don’t like to be bound by tradition, and prefer to stay in fashion and accordingly deck up your home. If so, you have a whole world of options in home décor. 

More options can often mean more confusion for the consumer, and there is also a risk that your home could end up looking like a mish-mash of styles without a cohesive statement about who you are.  If you are hiring an interior designer, your home could also become a reflection of his or her style, rather than yours! 

So here are some basic ground rules to ensure that your home is your sanctuary, your space.

Look through design magazines and social media to identify which images of home décor appeal to you. Clip and save them, and then view them to see what is the common theme.  You will see a theme emerge – whether it is a distinct modern bent, a traditional style, or an eclectic mix.

If you have an interior decorator, go over these with him or her and make your preferences as clear as possible.  The better you brief them about what you like, and what you don’t like, the more they can tailor the style to your preferences.

Then start to plan your look, start with the most expensive, hardest to replace fittings which form the base of your home.  As a general rule, it is always advisable to avoid trendy styles when choosing the basic fittings in your home – the ones you will not want to replace frequently.  Not only can this be expensive, but also very disruptive to normal life in the home.  Flooring, doors, and door handles are also hard to replace fitting and require equal amount of attention. Choose best quality and look that you can afford and that last for a long time. 

When you move on to accessories, it is a perfect place to really explore your personal style and taste.  They are fun and easy to change out, and you can get eclectic with them.  A dazzling sofa fabric, a interesting carpet, a cool table lamp, cushion covers or drawer pulls – all of these are perfect for showing your personal style.

If your budget can afford it, take a look at bespoke fittings.  When you can get exactly what you want, that is the perfect match for your specific home and your look. Customized hardware has not been easy to get for most customers, as most mass produced hardware will need a large quantity and a long time to make anything customized.  Hardware renaissance, on the other hand, can customize even small quantities of pulls or handles.

Whatever your taste, the best plan is to balance classic design in your basic pieces and fittings, for years of good use, with fun and personal accessories to complete the look and your home will then be YOUR style statement!


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