Despite the importance of factors such as location and budget, the security of a premise is of equal importance if not higher. Real estate project developers can enhance the image of a project by employing the latest security systems and reap the benefits in terms of increased sales.

When we buy any property, there are a few very important factors that are taken into consideration, such as price, location, construction quality, vicinity to the nearest market etc. However, the one factor that tops it all is the level and quality of security in the premises and satisfying the customer on this front is also one of the most significant challenges faced by any real estate developer.

Take, for instance, a situation where a buyer has bought a flat in a residential society. It is expected that the homeowners would take necessary steps to ensure the safety of their property. The most basic steps here include getting an iron gate at the entrance or installing a video door camera. If it’s a commercial establishment, the buyer can even get a personal security guard in place. But despite all this, a home or office space cannot be considered completely safe if the premises, on the whole, are not equipped with the right security and surveillance tools.

 Much to the advantage of the realtors, there has been a series of innovations in the security and surveillance domain and a number of new tools, devices and equipments are now available at their disposal to make a property as safe and secure as possible.

The first and foremost thing a realtor needs to do is secure the entry points of any premises. When we consider the footfall in a premise that houses several homes or offices, it is much larger in comparison to a standalone house or office, and even if one person manages to go unchecked, it is a serious lapse with regard to security.

Thanks to tech-powered innovations, some of the security and surveillance players have introduced high-quality boom barriers, flap barriers, tripods etc. The realtors today can choose from among a wide range of such tools and equipment to meet their specific requirements.

More importantly, the aforementioned products are engineered to meet the need of the hour. For instance, there are now boom barriers that are equipped with UHFID tags. There is no need for any manual intervention here, as whenever a vehicle with an installed UHF card reaches the entry point, the scanner on the boom barrier reads the card to allow access.

This is a sure shot solution to prevent any trespassing, considering the fact that miscreants often make use of a vehicle to put their plan in action. Apart from this, the tripods or flap barriers also enable an automated mechanism for the thermal screening of individuals, with their integrated temperature assessment solution developed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence also has a major role to play in this regard. While CCTV cameras laced with features like night vision, colour night vision, infrared etc. are quite common, there is constant innovation taking place in the domain.

To start with, the cameras are now smart as they can be controlled through smartphones. Besides, there are AI-powered cameras that can detect any unexpected movement and then track the whole path of the suspected intruder. These cameras also have a mechanism to raise an alert/alarm, record the whole movement and share the footage through email.

These are just some of the example as to how the realtors can utilize security systems for real estate properties. With such a wide range of products available in the market, all the realtors need to do is choose the right tools that would serve all their purposes pertaining to the security and surveillance of a property.