What is the stamp duty and registration fee in Hyderabad in 2019?


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Typically, the property registration process is the same in every state, however, the percentage may differ. Since the registration is mandatory to show that you hold possession of the property, you must not miss important steps to be covered as part of the procedure. 99acres gives an insight into the costs involved in property registration in Hyderabad.

Home buying process remains incomplete till the property is registered in the name of the owner. It is the most important step that safeguards an owner’s property in case of disputes or frauds. It is also mandatory to register the property with the state government and pay the levied charges, evasion of which evokes penalty. Registration is done primarily to maintain ownership records of the property.

In order to register a property, homeowners have to pay stamp duty and registration charges to the Registration and Stamp departments of the state. The rates of both, stamp duty and registration charges are based on the price of the property registered or the ready reckoner rate, whichever is higher.

Stamp Duty and property registration charges in Hyderabad

If you are planning to buy a new property in Hyderabad, the Telangana government levies stamp duty and registration charges for the same. It is advisable to know the current stamp duty rates and house registration charges in Hyderabad before applying for a home loan. At present, stamp duty rates in Hyderabad are charged at five percent. The stamp duty in Hyderabad 2019 is applicable for all categories of buyers including male, female and joint property owners (male and female).

Telangana registration department deals in various services including property registration. You can pay Telangana stamp duty rates online. The online procedure for property registration in Telangana is easy and hassle-free. Telangana registration charges are applicable on commercial properties as well.

Here are the details regarding the stamp duty in Telangana and registration charges in Telangana for sale, transfer or partition of a property:


Stamp Duty and registration charges in Telangana/Hyderabad 2019

Construction of a house/Building with multiple apartments/Flat/Sale of any other

immovable property

Stamp Duty

Registration charges

-          In Corporations, Special Grade Municipalities

5 percent

0.5 percent

-          In Other Areas

5 percent

0.5 percent

-          Flats/Residential apartments

5 percent

0.5 percent


Following are the documents that need to be presented at the time of registration of the property:

  • Challan/DD evidencing payment of full stamp duty, transfer duty (if any), Registration fee and user charges
  • Section 32A photo form of executants/claimants/witnesses.
  • Two credible persons (witnesses), who will identify the parties and identity cards with photos of such persons.
  • Address proof of the executants and witnesses (Aadhar card/Passport/Pan Card/Ration Card/Voter Id/Pan Card)
  • Photograph capturing Frontal view of the property (8/6 inches)
  • GPA /SPA, if any in original and its Photostat copy
  • Link documents copies

Home buyer must submit all the original documents bearing signature of all parties.

To understand the calculation better, let’s take an example of a property worth Rs 10 lakh. Following will be the total cost of the property:

Stamp duty payable = 10, 00, 000 * 4/100= Rs 40,000

Registration fee = 10, 00, 000 * 0.5/100 = Rs 5,000

Transfer Duty = 10, 00, 000 * 1.5/100 = Rs 1,5000

Total cost of the property = Rs 10, 00, 000 + Rs 40,000 + Rs 5,000 + Rs 1,5000= Rs 10, 60, 000

One of the benefits that home buyers have in Hyderabad is that the government has provided plot registration documents and apartment registration documents online. This saves home owners a lot of time and makes the overall process quick.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. 99acres does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.

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  • Amrith Lal May 15, 20179:22 am

    I am buying property can I register seperately under me and my sons name?

    1. Subhash Rai October 13, 201712:33 pm

      I am purchaging a flat in kondapur at cost 45 lakh what will be the GST ,flat is under construction and the registration charge when it comes to after GST

  • Subhadra Badauria

    Subhadra Badauria June 14, 201711:16 am

    Dear Amrith,

    Please post your query on 99acres.com/ask

  • sunil kumar July 29, 20179:50 pm

    I am purchasing a flat in malkajgiri at cost of 21lakh what will be the registration fee when it comes to aft gst

    1. Prashanth August 31, 201712:44 am

      6% of Flat cost (I.e 6% of 21 lakhs)

  • Parvez Ahmed Khan August 28, 201711:54 pm

    I am in process of finalising a deal for purchasing a plot in Friends colony, Shaikpet,Telangana. What is the market trend value and what will be the registration charges. Urgent reply expected.

  • Nishant September 25, 20172:13 pm

    I am planning to purchase the property that is resale property, cost 40L, what will be the registry cost in hyderabad, kondapur location? Will i have to pay GST or any tax in this case?

  • D praveen kumar October 20, 20178:45 pm

    Iam baying flat in medhipatam it is 19 years old can u please replay me what is cost of registration fees. Flat cost is 38 lakhs

  • If we are buying property in Vidya nagar what is the stamp duty November 13, 20179:47 pm

    If we are buying property in Vidya nagar in Hyderabad what is the stamp duty

    1. Tarun Raheja

      Tarun Raheja November 23, 201710:21 am

      Hi, stamp duty varies from area to area. The current stamp in Hyderabad is 4 percent of the agreement value.

  • Purnachander Nagula March 13, 20197:45 pm

    Hi is there any difference in Stamp duty for under construction and full construction? will the registration value changed? I have bought a flat in Hyderabad which is under construction, will it make any difference if i do registration after construction completed.

    1. Shradha Goyal

      Shradha Goyal March 14, 201910:18 am

      Stamp duty and registration charges are paid on the circle rate prevalent in that area, irrespective of the construction status of the property. The charges will remain the same in both the cases.

  • Sudhir May 1, 201910:44 pm

    Hello All,
    I am planning buy 214.4 sqd plot at shadhnagar area,
    per sqd 5500 + 100(corpus fund) = 5600
    Total cost is 1200640
    so stump duty(4%)+ registration duty(1%)+registration fee(1%) = 6% (72038 rupees i need to pay.

    other than these charges do i need to pay any other charges.

    one more suggestion required they are asking me to register with 7000 per sqd so is it correct because if 7000 per sqd , my registration fee will be increased rgt.

    Appreciate your help.

    1. Shradha Goyal

      Shradha Goyal May 2, 201911:27 am

      No, there are no other overhead charges other than Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in case of plotted developments. The difference in the value at which you have to register your property could only be because of the Circle Rate. It is advisable you find out the prevailing circle rate in Shadnagar and register your plot at that price. It is very unlikely that the market value of your plot (Rs 5600 psf) is lower than the circle rate (Rs 7,000 psf). In most cases, circle rates (the minimum value at which a property can be registered) are lower than the market rate (the price at which you buy a property).

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