Typically, the property registration process is the same in every state, however, the percentage may differ. Since the registration is mandatory to show that you hold possession of the property, you must not miss important steps to be covered as part of the procedure. 99acres gives an insight into the costs involved in property registration in Hyderabad.

Home buying process remains incomplete till the property is registered in the name of the owner. It is the most important step that safeguards an owner’s property in case of disputes or frauds. It is also mandatory to register the property with the State government and pay the levied charges, evasion of which evokes penalty. Registration is done primarily to maintain ownership records of the property.

In order to register a property, homeowners have to pay stamp duty and registration charges to the Registration and Stamp departments of the State. The rates of both, stamp duty and registration charges are based on the price of the property registered or the ready reckoner rate, whichever is higher.

How much is the Stamp Duty and property registration fee in Hyderabad?

If you are planning to buy a new property in Hyderabad, the Telangana government levies stamp duty and registration charges for the same. It is advisable to know the current stamp duty rates and house registration charges in Hyderabad before applying for a home loan. At present, stamp duty rates in Hyderabad are charged at four percent. The stamp duty in Hyderabad 2020 is applicable for all categories of buyers including male, female and joint property owners (male and female).

Telangana registration department deals in various services including property registration. You can pay Telangana stamp duty rates online. The online procedure for property registration in Telangana is easy and hassle-free. Telangana registration charges are applicable on commercial properties as well.

Here are the details regarding the stamp duty in Telangana and registration charges in Telangana for sale, transfer or partition of a property:


Stamp Duty and registration charges in Telangana/Hyderabad

Construction of a house/Building with multiple apartments/Flat/Sale of any other

immovable property

Stamp Duty

Registration charges

-          In Corporations, Special Grade Municipalities

4 percent

0.5 percent

-          In Other Areas

4 percent

0.5 percent

-          Flats/Residential apartments

4 percent

0.5 percent

Source: Registration Department, Telangana


Note: Transfer Duty of 1.5 percent is also applicable while computing the total stamp duty charges on the property.  

Following are the documents that need to be presented at the time of registration of the property:

  • Challan/DD evidencing payment of full stamp duty, transfer duty (if any), Registration fee and user charges
  • Section 32A photo form of executants/claimants/witnesses.
  • Two credible persons (witnesses), who will identify the parties and identity cards with photos of such persons.
  • Address proof of the executants and witnesses (Aadhar card/Passport/Pan Card/Ration Card/Voter Id/Pan Card)
  • Photograph capturing Frontal view of the property (8/6 inches)
  • GPA /SPA, if any in original and its Photostat copy
  • Link documents copies

Home buyer must submit all the original documents bearing signature of all parties.

To understand the calculation better, let’s take an example of a property worth Rs 10 lakh. Following will be the total cost of the property:

Stamp duty payable = 10, 00, 000 * 4/100= Rs 40,000

Registration fee = 10, 00, 000 * 0.5/100 = Rs 5,000

Transfer duty = 10,00,000*1.5/100= Rs 15,000

Total cost of the property = Rs 10, 00, 000 + Rs 50,000 + Rs 5,000 + Rs 15,000 = Rs 10, 70, 000

One of the benefits that home buyers have in Hyderabad is that the government has provided plot registration documents and apartment registration documents online. This saves home owners a lot of time and makes the overall process quick. Besides, the State government has deferred its plan to increase the stamp duty in the city, which is also immense relief for homebuyers who plan to register their property in the near-term.