A workplace defines the efficiency and productivity of an employee. A visit to a government back office will make you come to the conclusion that ‘happy faces make for a happy environment.’

Dusty cabinets full of files, gaudy paintings, dull furniture and cracked and pale-coloured walls speaks volumes about the office environment where most workers look demotivated and bored. Work places, be it government or corporate play a significant role in an employee’s life, where they spend about 9 hours of their day, combining creativity and intelligence. Does this not mean that the office environment has to be conducive in order to create something unique as well as add value?

Colors, forms and visuals are known to elicit emotions in humans and a balanced emotional quotient is a must in the office culture today, where employees are pressed for time. Semiotic studies have shown a correlation between ambience and the positive effects it has on the human minds triggering some of the most powerful emotions.

Visually and thoughtfully-designed workspaces can give a definite boost to evoke empathy in the competitive employees of today. A positively happy employee will be more productive. Apart from a positive aspect, one more aspect of a supportive environment is clarity of vision. For the employee to have the same goal as the organization, the company needs to offer a healthy and productive environment. Wall spaces can play a great role in driving this down. Imagine spaces that speak back to you, in a very simple and visual manner, making you feel that you are part of the bigger picture in your organization.

An interesting case here is the over-the-counter (OTC) division at Piramal Pharma Group. The motto of this division is ‘Maximize consumer’s life by focusing on addressing the consumer’s routine disrupting needs.’ The challenge was how to drive this mission to every employee who worked there. The bare walls of the new office were the best canvas chosen by the lead team at Piramal and the challenge was passed on to us.

It is difficult to drive home this message unless there is an interesting way of sharing this motto. So, it was decided that the company will use vivid colours on the walls and partitions to showcase this motto. We displayed the message graphically but in an intelligent manner. Everywhere in the organization, the message was depicted and it soon became a feature.

A workplace is where you spend your maximum time of the day and you need that place to be interactive and vibrant. Using colours, innovative themes and the right places to showcase the message is important if employees will work in an organization for a long time.

Further, the coming generation seeks meaning and style at their workplace. Space branding will definitely add value to their creativity and productivity as we are surging fast into the future. It is a dream project to overhaul the government offices and I am sure it will bring an attitudinal shift in the way people work.

 Author's Profile: Deepti comes from a strong creative background. An alumnus of Sophia College with over a decade of creative experience working on various FMCG brands, Deepti has balanced her creative prowess and design passion with a deep understanding of branding and business strategy.