House moving tips for single women


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Moving from one house to another is not a cake walk and it is all the more difficult for a single woman because of a number of challenges associated. In this article we talk about a few simple tips, which can make house moving experience less stressful for single woman.

1) Save carton money: If you are planning to buy cartons, we suggest look around. You can use your laundry bags and pillow covers instead of cartons. If you have a lot of clothes and no space in suitcases then go old style, put them in a bed sheet and knot the ends of the bed sheet together to get a temporary duffel bag.


2) Code the cartons: Color code the cartons or the boxes or simply put a number on each marking which ones are to be opened first and which can be opened later. This little move will greatly help you when you start unpacking your stuff in the new house.


3) Check the neighborhood: The biggest question for any woman moving to a new locality is whether the neighborhood is safe or not. This point goes higher on the list for a single woman. Before finalizing on your new abode, do have a look at the neighborhood at night as well as early morning.


4) Make a shopping list: No matter how many times you have shifted places, there will always be a new list of things you will require. It is always better to make a list in advance. That way when you move into your new house you can either order it online from a local grocer or go for a quick pick run for these items.


5) Mask or scarf yourself while dusting: When you finally shift into your new house, either arrange for a maid who can dust and clean the house for you. In case you are unable to find one, use a surgical mask or scarf to avoid getting infected by the dirt/dust. No one wants to get ill just a day after moving into a new house.


All the best for your new house moving experience! We hope with these tips, moving places will not be as stressful as it usually is. 

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