Wood, a versatile element to decorate your home, can be used in various forms to accentuate interior décor. Here are a few ways in which wood can be used-  

Be it top of the line or a rustic grungy one, wood is something which beautifully fits into every interior. It always makes for an interesting and classy décor and can be moulded into whichever era one wants, vintage or modern, one can have it all. Where dark wood brings delicious chocolate brown hues into interiors giving a touch of luxury to room decorating, the light wood is more inviting and warm.

Read on to discover the many ways through which your house will have a personality of its own.

wood 1Door-ilicious!

The year 2018 is all about going unabashedly bold and making a statement given that colouring your doors with vibrant colours is the ultimate way of adding interest to your home. Playing with unusual colours should not be a problem as they are trendy this year, so you can play with reds, bright yellows, electric blues and more. How refreshed will you feel in an all-white room which includes a bright yellow door paired with black framed portraits of your loved ones? In addition to the exteriors, your front door is the first thing people see when they visit you. Breaking those monotonous rules, colour your front door with a bright dazzling red which will give your home that much needed jazz!

The Fantastic Floor

When it comes to floors, subtle colours that complement the classic wood interiors will never go out of style. Wood always creates warm and cozy rooms if filled with bright lighting interiors. While dark wood is one of the modern trends, pairing it with herringbone pattern brings a coffee brown tint to your house giving it a luxurious look. Interestingly, the herringbone pattern dates to the Roman era which included road paving systems. Since then, herringbone pattern has been creating flow in tough spaces. It has even made a comeback with new and interesting wood patterns. Shaped by time, history and weather, wood never ceases to amaze us.

While colours provide drama to your space, herringbone allows the marrying of centuries old wood to modern engineered wood. Be it a perfect or imperfect panel of real wood, it will always be distinct and eye-catching. Make sure to adorn your space with these beautiful trends and see your house come alive with its own charisma.