Home buyers first preference: Location or Vastu?


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While Vastu-compatibility plays an important factor in a homebuyer’s decision, a property’s location continues to top the checklist.

Paying the high price for a fully renovated home in a bad location is a bad investment, particularly when you want to live in that home. If you have to travel miles for basic groceries and travel for more than an hour to reach your workplace, a home is not worth your hard-earned money.

If you have a good location, nobody can take that away from you. You can make changes to a home, but you cannot change the location. If a home is in a prime location, do not be afraid to buy a home that needs work for it is a good investment.

As a home buyer who wants to live in the home, be ready to shell out money on renovations because once the renovations are done, you are sitting on the hot property. A home in the best school district, well-connected with railways, roadways and airports and close to multi-purpose shops has great potential for capital growth.

While the popular adage for home-buyers still remains ‘Good location at the Right Price’, there is an upsurge in demand for Vastu compliant homes. According to the Business Standard, as per the survey conducted across eight major cities-Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Patna, Ahmadabad, Chennai and Bangalore, brokers, architects and builders revealed that 93 percent home buyers are seeking Vastu compliant homes.

Across India, with the advent of high-paced modern lifestyle due to high incomes- comfort and luxury no longer satisfy the human need for happiness. Joint families are more inclined to seek for Vastu-compliant homes. Many second-time buyers look for new properties just because their current property does not meet Vastu standards.

Businessmen who see their profits spiralling downwards seek commercial properties complying with Vastu norms. Vastu experts believe that Vastu of the house impacts the nature, thoughts, peace of mind, health, relations, fortunes and business of the inhabitants.

By following the principles of direction, set-up and layout of the home and evoking the five elements, Vastu can positively impact your well-being, peace, relations and prosperity. However, it is neither practical nor possible to get a house which has all Vastu principles.

Though many developers and builders are adhering to Vastu principles during the layout of building and interiors, allVastu norms cannot be followed in modern constructions and high-rise buildings. However, Vastu experts have remedies to correct any Vastu dosh.

Making small changes in your house with the help of Vastu expert, you can enjoy the benefits of Vastu.

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