The Haryana government has issued additional guidelines for registration of floors as different residential units to avoid leakage in stamp and registration duties.

In a recent revelation, the Haryana government has issued additional guidelines for the registration of different floors as separate residential units in case of plots developed by the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA). The new guidelines provide for horizontal registration/transfer of floor and mandates permission from HUDA before registration of a specific floor, whether vacant or built-up.

As stated under the new guidelines, vertical transfer of a floor shall not be permitted. Only horizontal complete floor is allowed to be transferred and registered under the Registration Act, 1908. Fragmentation of the plot vertically shall not be permitted and all independent floor owners must jointly own the plot having independent floors. The stamp duty and registration fees shall be levied in equal proportion amongst all owners. According to the clarification issued, the charges would be 50 percent each for two floors, 33.33 percent each for three floors, and 25 percent each for four floors, depending upon the collector rates.

The other set of guidelines provides that an additional one percent shall be levied as stamp duty over and above the normal charges for registration of such floor-wise residential units.