Hacks to keep your home cool in summer


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Are you looking for some amazing hacks to keep your home cool in summer? Take a read here to garner some interesting tips.

In summer, we use usually end up using tons of electricity by keeping our air conditioners on for hours. Though this reduces the internal temperature of the house but overburdens you financially with hefty electricity bills. Thus, it is advisable to exercise some natural ways to keep the home cooler in summer. From planting trees to swapping your sheets, there are several hacks which will keep your house naturally cool. Let’s delve into some easy and convenient home-cooling ideas.

Close the curtains and blinds

The hot and humid air makes it very hard to beat the heat in summer. Thus, one of the effective ways to reduce the indoor heat is by using dark color curtains. These curtains will reduce the heat pervasion and will keep the room cooler. Besides, ensure that you close the curtains and blinds during the peak hours of the days, even of the rooms you are not using.

Create small outdoor water bodies

Another easy way is to regulate the temperature is by creating a small outdoor water body. A small fountain at the house entrance will be an ideal. It will moderate temperature both indoor and outdoor. In addition, it will also enhance the curb appeal of the house. You can also put some water-body in the balcony area and along the window stretch to reduce the heat during the day.

Add indoor plants

Add some indoor plants to make the ambience cooler and eye-pleasing. It is an effective way to keep the house cool in the harsh summer days. Try to create a small garden space. You can choose the backyard, entrance or the terrace area of the house as per your convenience. Plants filter the air pollution and reduce humidity level. Besides, it also adds to the value of your house.

Swap your sheets

Change the beddings to keep your home fresh. Fabrics like fleece sheets and flannel sheets are great for insulation. Even cotton is a wonderful way as it breathes easier and stays cooler.

Make the most of the evenings

During summers, the temperature at night is comparatively cooler than days. So, make the most of these refreshing hours and allow the air to flow in. Open the doors and windows and switch on the fans to allow the air to circulate. However, make sure to close the blinds in the morning before it is too hot in the morning.

 Use CFL’s

Ditch the incandescent lights and bulbs and try using compact fluorescent lamps. The former contribute to the 90 per cent of indoor heat. So, avoiding their use in summer would help to reduce the indoor heat.

Extend the height of the windows

The size of the window and ceiling height also helps in increasing the volume of air permeating inside the house. Thus, providing an extra height to the ceiling or increasing the size of the window a little while you plan for some renovations would accentuate the house cooling process. In addition, the cavity wall on the western side also helps in preventing the harsh summer heat indoors. As the cavity walls thickness is more than the usual walls, it reduces the heating process.

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