Putting down new flooring is a smart investment. But, more importantly, it can considerably transform the look and feel of your home while making it safer and more functional. With so many flooring options available in the market, here are some key trends that you can consider to refresh your home decor.

We are all spending a little more time inside these days. While many of us might be thinking about changing some styles around the house, including the colour of the walls or upholstery; you can actually take the home improvement goal a notch higher by revamping the floors. Gone are the days when flooring was just a functional aspect in home décor. With a wide variety of patterns and materials available in the market, a thoughtfully designed flooring can transform your space into a dreamy den, which reflects your personality. 

Whether you are looking to revamp your entire home or just browsing for the guest washroom, here are a few flooring trends that will give you the inspiration you need.

Drawing/Living Room: While selecting contrast for your flooring, be sure to choose tiles with a striking abstract pattern and allow them to take the limelight. The other elements of the drawing room, such as furniture and furnishings, can be in complementing shades of the neutral palette. 

To further elevate the appeal of the room, you can colour the walls in a hue similar to the tiles. For instance, if you have decided to go for tiles in black and grey; painting the walls with a lighter shade of grey can help bring the focus to your floor and give your room a more balanced look. 

Terrace/Patio: Moroccan and Spanish inspired tiles are the go-to choices for the majority of people who are looking to introduce vibrancy and colours to outdoor spaces. You can experiment with different ways of laying these tiles. In the central region, you can lay the Spanish/Moroccan tiles in a triangular or square pattern and surround them with solid coloured tiles. You can also give a Mediterranean edge to the terrace/patio by giving a curvy transition between two-floor materials. Opt for Spanish inspired tiles in blue colour. The other tiles can be in dark brown shade. Create a wave pattern to show the transition of the two tiles. 

Pro Tip: The scales of pattern change according to the size of the areas. Smaller patterns are suitable for narrow areas, whereas large patterns suit larger spaces. 

Sail Solid : This style of flooring will not only make your home stand out but also bring an attractive appeal to it. The colours of the tile should complement the furnishings and furniture of the house. You can choose a single coloured tile for your home to maintain consistency. Alternatively, you can mix and match the tiles a little using two or three shades to create a floor pattern. 

Bedroom: Marble tiles are one of the classic flooring solutions that have been the go-to option for many homes. However, for your bedroom, you can mix the things using marble look-a-like tiles with strips of wood look-a-likes. This help create a spacious chequered grid. Keep the theme of the room modern and add wood finish furniture and muted colour furnishings to give it a refined look.