Eco-friendly ways to boost the value of your house


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 An eco-friendly home has several merits. It offers a resident value for money, upgrades his life quality and of course saves the world. An urban consumer who is aware and conscious about the environment as well as about the benefits of an eco-friendly home has created a demand for this category.

 There are several innovations made in the real estate industry on an everyday basis to upgrade various aspects of a house with an eco-friendly technology or product and includes things like rain water harvesting, solar panels or increasing the green cover of a house. However, even if you are not living in a green building, one can still make amends to make an apartment green.

 There are several ways to use eco-friendly alternates to boost the value of the house. One can start with adding greenery to their homes with flower pots and indoor plants. There are bonsais available in the market that are low maintenance and can be used as a center piece for their dining table. If one has a balcony or roof top, it can be utilized to create a small garden with relaxing chairs where the resident can enjoy the greenery after a tiring day.

 On the other hand, for people with bungalows, a vertical garden on the exterior walls is a must try. The right mix of plants can upgrade the look and feel of your home making it appear more alive. Paints that are chosen for the home can be organic or lead free.  These methods will keep the air of the home purified and clean. Another merit is that as it enhances the quality of air around the residents, it protects them from disorders like asthma and allergies upgrading the overall life of an individual.

 Windows and doors play an important role in increasing the energy efficiency of the apartment. One can ask their architect to strategically design bigger windows that can increase the cross ventilation and invite more natural light. This will reduce the electricity consumption of the house while keeping it bright and cool.

 Installation of solar panels can reduce the energy consumption of the house. Though it is often considered as an expensive method, but it helps the resident substantially to reduce the electricity bills and is thus, a smarter option to opt for. Rain water harvesting is another must-have eco-friendly amenity. Most of the new projects now provide it as it reduces the water consumption of the resident by more than 50 per cent.

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