Eco-friendly décor ideas for your home


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Green Home

In times of increasing popularity of green living, suggests some home décor and design trends that can be easily adopted to enhance your home’s green quotient.

The growing attraction of green trends and products has now pervaded homes, with eco-friendly décor products being preferred by rising number of homeowners. Experts have been stressing on the importance of going green in all facets of our daily life. Inculcating small changes such as adopting recycled products can help make a huge difference for the planet in the long run.

Green materials

Ajay Agarwal, Chairman, Geopreneur Group, suggests environment-friendly materials such as recycled glass, terracotta, UPVC, engineered wood and marble, wool, coir, cork sheets, cotton, and porcelain can easily be incorporated in home décor. In keeping with the popularity of green living, these materials and products made of the same elements are easily available in the market these days.

Ricky Doshi, Proprietor & Founder, ARD Studio, suggests the following ideas:

  • Non-toxic water soluble paints made of natural dyes
  • Wall coverings made of recycled or natural fibres
  • Insulation panels made of sustainable materials such as glass wool and treated fibres
  • Flooring made of reclaimed stone, bamboo, etc.
  • Fly ash bricks, lime plaster, green gypsum, bamboo, etc. as wall materials

Recycled products

Recycling is another significant way to do our part in saving the environment. The country is slowly waking up to the trend of junk and discarded products being turned into stylish décor products. Recycled products are gradually finding a place in the poshest of homes in the form of lamps, mirrors, frames, and other décor items. Even reclaimed furniture can be a fun and quirky way of supporting sustainable décor.

Eco-friendly glass

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient glasses are growing in popularity on the back of the energy savings they can help achieve. Using the right kind of glass and windows can lead to a lot of savings in heating and cooling charges by optimally utilising the natural light and proper insulation. These are now available in a variety of designs so one does not have to compromise on the style quotient.

Some other environment-friendly home products suggested by interior decorators are:

Bamboo/cane furniture

Cane or bamboo furniture is an environment-friendly alternative to plastic or hard wood. Besides being eco-friendly, cane is as light-weight, inexpensive, and weatherproof as plastic furniture. Bamboo is also light-weight, durable as well as water and fire resistant.

Cloth napkins

Another seemingly insignificant item, napkins can also help households become more environment-friendly. Substituting paper napkins at the dining table and kitchen with cloth napkins can help save plenty of trees. Cloth napkins can be reused since they are washable and have a much longer life than its paper-made alternative.

Bio-degradable pots

Bio-degradable pots for growing plants are another easy way to make your home greener. These can be made up of bio-degradable materials such as straw, coir, terracotta, newspaper pulp, or wood fibre. Easily compostable, these can be turned into natural fertiliser for your garden.


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