#EarthDay: 7 Ways Homeowners can contribute to Earth Day


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earth day

Earth Day is a good time to think about the efforts you have made to make the planet a better place to live in. Irrespective of whether you live in a flat, villa or builder floor, there are various measures you can take for a greener living. 99acres lists a gamut of actions you can undertake as a homeowner for a better tomorrow.

In times when most of the natural resources are fast depleting on Earth, if we do not take adequate steps to address the growing concerns, one day there might be a scarcity of daily needs like water, electricity and food. Let’s see how we can ensure at individual levels to bring a change by consciously using these resources.

1. Plant green – Use natural green plants in every corner of your house. This will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also make your home cooler in summers. Just make sure the plants are placed near places where there is enough sunlight and air or else they will die.

2. Use LED Bulbs – The regular light bulbs emit heat and are energy consuming. Pleas switch to CFL/LED bulbs as they are low on energy consumption, therefore, reducing your electricity bill.

3. Buy Smart appliances – Most of the consumer goods like fridge, TV and AC come with in-built stabilizers these days. Always try to buy appliances that have a five star rating, reflecting the maximum energy saving mechanism. By installing energy-efficient smart appliances, you can save up to 50 per cent energy as compared to obsolete appliances. At the same time, smart energy products require less maintenance and attract a better resale value also.

4. Use natural light during the day – If your house is well-ventilated and exposed to sunlight, try to restrict the usage of artificial light during the day. This will reduce your energy consumption, lower heat levels emitted by the use of artificial light and also kill all the germs in the house by the sun rays seeping into your rooms.

5. Use solar panels and solar water heaters – If you are living in an independent house, you can install solar water heaters and solar panels on your roof for optimum use of sunlight. Instead of increasing your energy bills with geysers, use solar panels. Solar panels help in cutting electricity costs significantly, however, the initial cost of installation is expensive. But, in the long-term, the cost incurred is made up by the reduction of energy bills, experts say.

6. Install smart meters and thermostats – In the current times, group housing societies are offering dual meters for tracking your energy consumption and helping you save costs by keeping a tab on the units you have consumed in a given period of time. Smart meters track your utility usage and manage it for maximum saving.

7.  Store water in buckets and tanks for usage – Instead of using running water from taps, use water economically by storing in tanks, tubs or buckets. This will greatly reduce your water usage as you will know how much quantity of water you are using for your daily chores like washing utensils, clothes or having a bath. Over time, you can keep count of how much water you are using and conserving.

These tips can go a long way if each and every household contributes to saving energy and using natural resources wisely.

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