Many of us consider the Vastu-compliance of a property when purchasing or renting a home. Apart from other criteria, such as direction and location of the unit, the height of an apartment is also crucial. Many Indian cities are growing vertically, as land is scarce and demand remains high. Hence, developers are constructing high-rises for buyers from all segments, including affordable and luxury. However, sometimes a homebuyer gets confused as to which floor to buy a house on, and are there any Vastu principles for apartments on higher floors?

Vineet Goyal, Jt. Managing Director of Kohinoor Group, shares, “Most of the time, people spend their life savings to purchase an apartment and therefore are cautious about the smallest details, be it the amenities or the construction of the building. It is a well-established reality that the science of Vastu Shastra is applicable at any place; irrespective of the level of the floor, or the type of the dwelling, whether a flat or an independent house."

Is Vastu Shastra applicable to flats?

Many people have queries about whether Vastu applies to high-rise apartments. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which has no specific mention of tall buildings. So how is Vastu applied to flats? Each plot on which the building stands is studied for Vastu compliance. Similarly, each flat is individually considered to have its own Vastu. So, one should see the Vastu of both the land and the individual house to determine the compliance of ancient science.

The shape of the plot of the housing unit

As per Vastu, when buying a new flat one should check the shape of the plot of the apartment building. It is suggested that the shape should be either rectangular or square. Make sure that the shape of the land is not tapered, circular or triangular.

Main entrance

Ideally, the entrance of the apartment complex should be in the north or east direction of the plot. Also, the main door of your apartment should be the largest in the house. It is said to bring good omens if it opens inwards and if it is a double door.

Location of the kitchen

Even if you are buying or renting a home in a high-rise building, the placement of the kitchen is of utmost importance.

The kitchen represents the fire element, and thus it should not be in the northeast or southwest zones of the apartment. It is not always possible to have a desirable location for a kitchen in flats. Still, the occupant should try placing the cooking stove in the northwest, south or southeast corner.

Any heavy almirahs or cupboards should be ideally placed along the south wall of the kitchen.

Vastu for bedrooms in flats

The best direction of a master bedroom is ideally southwest. If a bedroom is not available in that direction, try to put the bed along the south wall of the room. North-west directions are said to be most suitable for guest bedrooms.

Vastu for balconies

As per Vastu Shastra, open terraces and balconies of a high-rise apartment play an important role in regulating energies in the house. These spaces ensure ventilation and natural light in the house, thus their position is important for the energy flow. It would be ideal if your new apartment has a balcony in the east, northeast or north directions. Also, wooden furniture is known to generate more positivity than wrought iron furniture.

Tips to improve Vastu in your apartment

  • The kitchen stove should not be directly in front of the main door
  • The corners of your home should always be tidy and well-lit
  • Avoid purchasing flats in housing projects which have water bodies in the southwest corner

A Vastu-compliant house not only makes the residents feel comfortable but also adds to their well-being and prosperity. With the right application of the science of Vastu, one can even enjoy its benefits in high-rise apartments.