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Gurgaon-Faridabad Real Estate Report Jul-Sep 2020: Property Prices

59 Oct 29, 2020 Download Report

Gurgaon-Faridabad Property Prices


LocalitiesJul-Sep 2020
Ardee City7000
Charmwood Village8300
DLF City Phase II11400
DLF City Phase IV10500
DLF City Phase V12500
Nirvana Country7450
Sector-81, Faridabad2780
Sector-82, Faridabad3320
Sector-86, Faridabad3200
Sector-88, Faridabad3310
Sector-102, Gurgaon5410
Sector-103, Gurgaon4530
Sector-104, Gurgaon6060
Sector-106, Gurgaon7100
Sector-107, Gurgaon4700
Sector-108, Gurgaon6040
Sector-109, Gurgaon5860
Sector-111, Gurgaon7450
Sector-112, Gurgaon7160
Sector-24, Gurgaon12140
Sector-28, Gurgaon12100
Sector-30, Gurgaon11400
Sector-33, Gurgaon6400
Sector-37C, Gurgaon4700
Sector-37D, Gurgaon4800
Sector-42, Gurgaon23360
Sector-45, Gurgaon6800
Sector-47, Gurgaon7300
Sector-48, Gurgaon5800
Sector-49, Gurgaon8000
Sector-50, Gurgaon7900
Sector-51, Gurgaon6460
Sector-53, Gurgaon12000
Sector-54, Gurgaon12500
Sector-56, Gurgaon6580
Sector-57, Gurgaon6970
sector-58, Gurgaon10940
Sector-59, Gurgaon11100
Sector-60, Gurgaon8200
Sector-61, Gurgaon8200
Sector-62, Gurgaon8550
Sector-65, Gurgaon10160
Sector-66, Gurgaon9130
Sector-67, Gurgaon8240
Sector-68, Gurgaon6370
Sector-69, Gurgaon5950
Sector-70, Gurgaon6200
Sector-71, Gurgaon6010
Sector-72, Gurgaon7800
Sector-77, Gurgaon5460
Sector-78, Gurgaon5350
Sector-81, Gurgaon6150
Sector-82A, Gurgaon7210
Sector-83, Gurgaon5470
Sector-84, Gurgaon5050
Sector-85, Gurgaon4800
Sector-86, Gurgaon5410
Sector-89, Gurgaon3700
Sector-90, Gurgaon4500
Sector-91, Gurgaon4230
Sector-92, Gurgaon4750
Sector-93, Gurgaon3800
Sector-95, Gurgaon3000
Sector-99, Gurgaon5010
South City 110240
South City 26400
Sun City14200
Sushant Lok Phase - 18250
Sushant Lok Phase - 26900


LocalitiesJul-Sep 2020
Ashoka Enclave11
Charmwood Village22
DLF City Phase I24
DLF City Phase II24
DLF City Phase III21
DLF City Phase IV31
DLF City Phase V31
Nirvana Country20
Palam Vihar19
Sector-86, Faridabad10
Sector-87, Faridabad9
Sector-88, Faridabad9
Sector-40, Gurgaon18
Sector-43, Gurgaon23
Sector-45, Gurgaon16
Sector-46, Gurgaon20
Sector-49, Gurgaon20
Sector-50, Gurgaon21
Sector-51, Gurgaon19
Sector-52, Gurgaon20
Sector-54, Gurgaon23
Sector-55, Gurgaon17
Sector-56, Gurgaon19
Sector-57, Gurgaon17
sector-58, Gurgaon23
Sector-70, Gurgaon17
Sector-71, Gurgaon15
Sector-72, Gurgaon16
Sector-78, Gurgaon12
Sector-82, Gurgaon10
Sector-83, Gurgaon9
Sector-92, Gurgaon9
South City 121
South City 219
Sushant Lok Phase - 121

The annexures show the current average property prices and rental rates in various localities in Gurgaon and Faridabad. The values are basis the listings/advertisements posted on in the review period, i.e. Jul-Sep 2020. These may vary from the actual buying rates and are indicative of the selling prices of residential apartments in the market. Actual prices may also vary basis the age, condition and furnishings of the property.


Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. 99acres does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.
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