Decorative items or curios are a very common way to beautify your home, however, there are certain ornamental pieces you must avoid adorning your home with for peace of the household. A lot of décor items that you decorate your house with are inauspicious and can be a cause of worry if not used appropriately. 99acres takes you through certain such items with expert advice.

While building a home, we take care of every minute detail so that there should not be any flaw in its aesthetical and physical appearance. Undoubtedly, a house which is built in coherence with certain norms attracts wealth, prosperity, and peace. But, as per Vastu, one must avoid a few things while decorating your home as some of them are believed to spread negativity, hampering the prosperity and well-being of family members.

Let’s have a look at the things you should not choose while decorating your home to enjoy a happy life:

Painting or images of war scenes:

War scenes from our holy books such as Mahabharata and Ramayana should not be kept at home because they depict rivalry and creates a never-ending conflict between family members. It is believed that placing such pictures in your home will always create an atmosphere of tension in the household.

Replicas of grave memorials such as Taj Mahal:

People often keep a replica of Taj Mahal in their house as it signifies a symbol of love. But actually, it is the grave of Mumtaz that personifies death and passivity. It is trusted that keeping such showpieces in your house will create a negative atmosphere in the surroundings.

Nataraja Idol

Nataraja is one of the dance forms that Lord Shiva used to perform when in anger. It is also known as Tandava Nritya-the dance of destruction. It is said that keeping a Nataraja Idol creates a lot of destruction and attracts negativity in the household.

Animal statues or pictures

Vastu Shastra suggests avoiding placing of animal statues that demonstrate any life form such as a bird or wild animals. Placing their status invokes a fierce streak in the nature of people living in the house. In case, you own any, they should never be displayed especially in bedrooms and living areas. It is better if you avoid placing such items in your house.

Broken mirrors or idols

Broken mirrors and idols of god or goddesses should not be kept at home. They are supposed to be removed quickly as they bring bad luck and if anyone sees their reflection in that broken mirror, it is said that a disaster might happen in the family.

Sinking boats

A picture depicting a scene of a sinking boat represents downfall or degradation. Moreover, it creates an adverse impact on the relationships of family members as well as the financial condition of the house.

Thorny plants

While beautifying or adding plants to your garden, you should strictly avoid thorny plants, especially the cactus. As per Vastu, such plants create hurdles and pacifies the negativity in the household. It is also believed that such thorny plants lead to ill health amongst family members.


Lots of people often love to put decorative water fountains in their living or dining room to create an aesthetic appeal. But according to Vastu, one should not keep water fountains at home as they signify the flowing nature of any object and it is believed that this can bring instability in the house. In short, the money and prosperity coming in your life will not stay for long and will rather vanish with time. Thus, avoiding fountain art at home is advisable.