The pandemic has significantly impacted residential real estate buyers, and their choices have changed forever. Now they want a better-equipped house, and builders have geared up to provide them with those facilities

The second wave of COVID-19 posed many challenges before the real estate sector. However, this time the developers are well-prepared to handle the situation. The Government was well aware of the impact of the COVID-19 second strain, and it has taken many precautions to curb the virus spread. While some better measures could have been taken to reduce the impact, we should realise that Coronavirus is an unprecedented epidemic, and the Government is trying to manage the crisis to its fullest capacity.


The pandemic has impacted real estate buyers a lot, and their choices have changed significantly. Now they want better-equipped houses, and builders have geared up to provide them with those facilities. From sensor doors to sensor lights and non-touchable bathroom facilities, builders are going all-out to provide better living amenities to buyers. Some developers have even changed their existing project models to cater to the altered demand of homebuyers in the new normal.