The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the world more severely than anything else in the past decade. While even the deftest political leaders have met their match, the battle against the pandemic may continue for long.

The COVID-19 crisis has taken a toll on the economic growth of the country. The streets and the markets that were earlier bustling with people remain empty today, and the same goes for the office buildings that were once occupied by thousands of people. As business leaders make tough choices to stay afloat, layoffs and salary cuts have become more recurrent in the last few months than ever before. While this paints a bleak picture of the commercial segment, it is not the end of the world. The pandemic, along with it has brought scores of opportunities and here is why now is the time for employees and organisations in India to shine.

For Indian’s work is worship

Globally, people adore Indians and their work ethics. The high intelligence, strong work ethic, and drive to excel have made them the sought-after workforce in the developed nations like the US, Europe, and the Middle East. In India too, it is the ingenuity of the young minds and astute leaders that is propelling the country towards superpower status. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been a shock to the global economy, it has brought out the best in many Indian workers. Despite the significant salary cuts, many workers still decided to continue working for their employers, and the reason for this is not difficult to understand. Many employees value the relationship they have cultivated with their employers over the years. They see no reason to leave their bosses in a lurch at a time when they most need them. Besides, the productivity of Indian workers has also increased remarkably in the post-COVID world. This is primarily because of the limited or no commutation to office spaces. Industry research reveals that many companies have reported higher productivity levels of their employees during the lockdown than the pre-COVID time.

Companies are leasing coworking spaces

Many employers, especially in the non-metro cities, have begun to rent coworking offices for their workers in the vicinity to their homes. Currently, when most of the countries in the world are struggling to reopen their economies, workers in India have not missed a beat and are working harder than ever. 

Since the impact of COVID-19 is lesser in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets, many large Indian firms are expanding their footprints to smaller towns and cities in coworking spaces. While the world struggles with the pandemic, agile Indian firms, with the help of the influential Indian work ethic, are leveraging the situation and leaving behind the global competitors.

Work and life balanced better than ever before    

Several companies in India have been surprised to report that their employees are working harder than ever. While one reason for this surge in productivity is limited or no commutation at all, the other factor is work-life balance. A common gripe in India had been that spouses do not spend enough time with each other. This was especially true among working couples. However, the sentiment has changed now, and people are enjoying the best of both worlds. With companies extending the work from home policy, employees not only enjoy the feeling of accomplishment they get from working hard but also cherish more time with their families. Overall, it is a win-win situation for employees.

Employers are also happy on all accounts as not only their workers are more productive than before, but they are also more satisfied because they are spending more time with their families.

A balancing act 

Despite the success of work from home, what lies ahead is a delicate balancing act between housing workers in offices and coworking spaces. Research bears that working from home over the long term is untenable. Several studies by leading institutions, including Harvard, show that there is a cost to working from home. While productivity increases initially, there may arise challenges over time as employees may find it challenging to focus on work amid various distractions at home.

Keeping in mind the need for social distancing in the workplace, it will make perfect sense for companies to house some workers in offices and others in coworking spaces.   

The COVID-19 pandemic, while a tragedy, has a silver lining for India. When the rest of the world takes time off to combat the epidemic, Indians, with their proclivity towards working hard, have the opportunity to come out ahead and gain a higher position in the global pecking order for the country.    x