Ghaziabad circle rates are fixed by the Uttar Pradesh government through the registrar or sub-registrar office to compute the stamp duty and registration charges levied for purchasing/selling any real estate property. Basically, circle rate is the market value (consideration value) of the property, which varies from locality to locality. The circle rates in Ghaziabad vary depending upon the market value of the area and the infrastructure facilities that are available in the locality.

Circle Rates in Ghaziabad - Flats and Floors

Circle rates in Ghaziabad - Flats and Floors
Area NameCircle rate (per sq yards)
VasundharaRs 47,000
KaushambiRs 57,000
IndirapuramRs 52,000
Surya NagarRs 52,000
Chandra NagarRs 52,000
RamprasathaRs 52,000
VaishaliRs 52,000
Satyam EnclaveRs 32,000
Kavi NagarRs 37,000
Nehru Nagar 2Rs 35,000
Nehru Nagar 3Rs 35,000
NH24Rs 24,000
Wave CityRs 25,000
Girdhar EnclaveRs 32,000
SahibabadRs 32,000


Circle Rates in Ghaziabad - Residential Plots 

Circle Rates in Ghaziabad - Residential Plots
Area NameCircle Rates (per sq m)
Up to 9m Wide Road9m-18m Wide RoadOver 18m Wide Road
VasundharaRs 56,000Rs 58,800Rs 61,600
KaushambiRs 72,000Rs 75,600Rs 79,200
IndirapuramRs 66,000Rs 69,300Rs 72,600
Surya NagarRs 67,000Rs 70,400Rs 73,700
Chandra NagarRs 67,000Rs 70,400Rs 73,700
RamprasathaRs 67,000Rs 70,400Rs 73,700
VaishaliRs 67,000Rs 70,400Rs 73,700
Panchavati ColonyRs 34,000Rs 40,000
Satyam EnclaveRs 37,000Rs 38,000
Kavi Nagar- Block ARs 46,000Rs 48,000Rs 50,000
Kavi Nagar- Block B, KRs 47,000Rs 49,000Rs 50,000
Kavi Nagar- Block C, D, LRs 48,000Rs 50,000Rs 51,000
Kavi Nagar- Block ERs 44,000Rs 48,000Rs 50,000
Kavi Nagar- Block F, G, H, JRs 47,000Rs 50,000Rs 52,000
Kavi Nagar- Block IRs 48,000Rs 50,000Rs 52,000
Kavi Nagar- Block MRs 49,000Rs 50,000Rs 52,000
Surya EnclaveRs 29,000Rs 30,000Rs 31,000
Ansal APIRs 26,000Rs 28,000Rs 29,000
Nehru Nagar 2- Block A, BRs 43,000Rs 45,000Rs 48,000
Nehru Nagar 2- Block C, FRs 43,000Rs 47,000Rs 50,000
Nehru Nagar 2- Block DRs 39,000Rs 41,000Rs 43,000
Nehru Nagar 2- Block ERs 42,000Rs 46,000Rs 48,000
Nehru Nagar 2- Block GRs 38,000Rs 40,000Rs 42,000
Nehru Nagar 3- Block ARs 41,000Rs 44,000Rs 46,000
Nehru Nagar 3- Block B, ERs 42,000Rs 45,000Rs 47,000
Nehru Nagar 3- Block CRs 44,000Rs 45,000Rs 48,000
Nehru Nagar 3- Block D, G, H, JRs 42,000Rs 44,000Rs 46,000
Nehru Nagar 3- Block F, LRs 43,000Rs 45,000Rs 47,000
Nehru Nagar 3- Block KRs 39,000Rs 41,000Rs 43,000
Nehru Nagar 3- Block M, NRs 46,000Rs 47,000Rs 50,000
NH24Rs 14,000Rs 14,200Rs 14,500
Wave CityRs 14,000Rs 14,200Rs 14,500
Girdhar EnclaveRs 38,000Rs 39,000
Sahibabad- Between Link Road and Railway LineRs 29,000Rs 31,000Rs 34,000
Sahibabad- Area Before Link RoadRs 42,000Rs 43,000Rs 46,000
Sahibabad- Area Between GT Road and Railway LineRs 33,000Rs 35,000Rs 38,000
Sahibabad- Shyam Park MainRs 31,000Rs 34,000Rs 36,000
Sahibabad- Om NagarRs 32,000Rs 33,000Rs 34,000
Aditya High StreetRs 15,000Rs 15,500Rs 16,000

Source: Stamps and Registration Department, Uttar Pradesh

Circle rates are also referred to as Ready Reckoner (RR) Rate or Guidance Value (GV) or Stamp Duty Value or Government Value or Floor Price.

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Factors affecting circle rates in Ghaziabad

Compared to the residential segment, the State government levies higher circle rate for commercial properties. While fixing circle rates in Ghaziabad, several parameters are taken into consideration by the Uttar Pradesh government, including the type of the property, market value of the area, and the status of current infrastructure.

Type of the property - Circle rate of flats and apartments in Ghaziabad varies from the circle rate of plots and independent houses even in the same locality.

Infrastructure status - Circle rate of a locality falling within the municipal limits with proper infrastructure would be higher as compared to a region outside the municipal limits with no proper infrastructure setup.

The government authorities revisit the circle rates of a region every year. The rates, however, may or may not be changed. In Ghaziabad, the rates have remained unchanged since 2014.