Having made their first appearance at the beginning of the 20th century, craftsman style homes are famous for artistic detailing. Till date, these are considered to be incredibly popular among the masses. If you too own a craftsman style home and need new windows for it, here is a checklist for you to consider.

Defined predominantly by features such as a low-pitched roof, front porch, exposed beams, wooden siding and stocky columns, craftsman style homes offer a unique charm contrary to machine-made options. The style, influenced by the British Arts and Anglo-Japanese looks, offers a distinct characteristic that can be found in no other kind of houses. Moreover, the features that distinguish craftsman houses with the rest of the structures are easily visible on both interior and exterior designs. These include fireplace, built-in storage, extensive use of wood, and hanging windows, to name a few.

While selecting windows for craftsman style homes, you must ensure that the final design should be authentic to the guiding style of the craftsman design. Here are some of the tips that can help you chose the best windows for your home.

Rule of three

Craftsman design is all about eye-catching symmetry with straight lines reflecting the simplicity of nature. You can either opt for a set of three windows that are cased together or a large center window along with two small side windows. For rooms having large walls, you can choose to have a set of five windows as well. In case you are looking for a door with windows, it is advisable to go for three small windows instead of a single one on the top portion of the door. According to the rule of three, people tend to be more visually engaged when they see a group of three items in a display.

Right shape and material

Traditional rectangular and square windows are considered to be the best for a craftsman style home. However, you can also consider eyebrow windows having a rounded top and a flat bottom. Such type of window is usually installed above a rectangular window.

Coming to the choice of materials, you can either go with fiberglass as it is energy-efficient and offers unmatched elegance or choose wooden frames, sashes and grills for an authentic look. One of the advantages of using wooden windows is that you can easily personalise it depending upon your style and budget. Mahogany, walnut, and similar hardwoods having distinct grains are some of the best options available in case you decide to go with solid wooden windows. For those on a restricted budget, fiberglass is the best option to consider.

Manish Bansal, Director and CEO, Window Magic, affirms, “An ethereal look infused through creative architectural and interior style is what one thinks about when it comes to a craftsman style house. You can either opt for arch-shaped windows or tilted windows. Additionally, rectangular and French windows can also be a good option for a craftsman style house. Such windows not only beautify the surroundings along with the structure of the building but also add a touch of royalty to the interiors.”

Finishes and Colours

In case you choose natural wood for your windows, consider staining them either in a light or a dark colour. Do not destroy the elegance by painting your windows. Moreover, it is good to keep a low profile by opting for a natural palette comprising of greens and browns. On the contrary, the frames can be painted in bright hues for an eye-pleasing view. Overall, your intent should be to blend the colours with the surroundings, seamlessly.

And finally, the design!

Rest all apart, the design of the window plays the most important role in enhancing the overall look of your interiors. Majority of the craftsman homes have double or single-hung windows, the bottom being a single pane of glass. With both panes sliding up and down, double-hung windows are best when you want to have optimal ventilation across the room. Additionally, having casement windows with outward swing is also a good option to blend with the craftsman style. Another common configuration that you will find in these homes is a double hung window with the upper sash divided into four or six sections. The lower part, on the contrary, remains unobstructed. You can also choose to add a transom window on top of the doors. A transom is a beam that separates the framing of a door from the window above it. Transom windows can be perfect for areas having a spectacular view.

Now that you have combined the ideas to best suit your décor, you need to locate a decorator who will guide you through the right style.