Can cell phone tower radiations adversely affect your home?


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Cell phones and towers emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which cannot be seen or heard, however, exposure to the radiations can lead to diseases, experts say. 99acres analyses the adverse effects caused by these radiations on health as well on homes and shares some effective tips to protect your residence against the impact of the rays.

While mobile phone technology has made our life easier, we cannot fathom the impact of phone radiation on our daily lives. One such example is the presence of cell phone towers within our residential premises. Initially, these towers were found only in rural areas and barren land. However, with the shrinking of land and rapid urbanization leading to high-rises, these towers had to be installed in proximity to residential townships. While development authorities in some states initially ordered the demolition of towers citing health risks, but with the increase in call drops, cell phone towers are making a comeback.

Ajay Agarwal, Partner, Geopreneur Design Studio, avers, “There is no cause for alarm about possible ill-effects on human health by an electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from cell phone towers and cell phones because the limits adopted in India account for all biological effects of radiation.” However, studies conducted in countries have shown that in spite of that, there are several health risks if a cell tower is installed near your home. One can suffer from various physical and psychological problems. Cell phone tower radiation exposures are linked to many different symptoms including insomnia, immune system deficiencies, depression, headaches, concentration difficulties, joint problems, skin complaints, cardiovascular diseases, visual problems, gastrointestinal problems, dizziness and nosebleeds, he adds.

Any negative effect on homes?

No conclusive evidence has been found on adverse health effects of EMF radiation from mobile handset by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as long as EMF radiation power levels in the vicinity of base stations of cell phone towers are below the prescribed limits. There should not be any cause of concern for adverse thermal health effects on human beings living close to them, Agarwal adds. 

Hence, shielding your whole house is just not going to be feasible and will, in any case, be fairly pointless. However, if you want to make sure your residential unit is protected, you need to focus your attention on the room where you spend most of your time and your bedroom as well. “If you spend most of your time in your kitchen, then you would be looking to shield your kitchen and shield your bedroom unless you live in such a big house that the bedroom has negligible readings”, he adds. 

Below are some quick tips to follow:

  • Switching off mobile phones when not in use will help protect from RF radiation
  • Windows are easy to shield using a special window film
  • Going for shield paint or an anti-radiation paint will also prove to be a good choice
  • You can effectively shield your bed with a Faraday bed canopy. Faraday canopy is an ultra-fine metal composite mesh which works along the same principles as a mosquito net
  • Insulating aluminium foil is a cheaper solution. For internal walls, insulating aluminium foil as used in the building industry, can be used to reduce the RF rays.

However, Agarwal shares that as long as a person is using cell phones, if there are any ill effects of it, one will suffer from it and shielding the house may reduce the impact but not eliminate them. Also, one should be prepared that the above suggestions will reduce the network coverage in the house.

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