The success, prosperity and happiness quotient associated with a vastu-compliant property has led homebuyers to increasingly believe that such homes are safer to buy. It has become a critical factor before choosing a property. Not just houses, residential plots too should be in line with vastu standards. 99acres lists salient tips for residential land buyers that would assure more benefits to them in future.

In accord with premium amenities such as swimming pool and club houses that modern homebuyers look out for, vastu-compliance is also an additional feature that is fast catching up. In alignment with five basic elements of nature, vastu-compliant properties ensure peace and stability for greater success in life and keep the negative forces at bay. Thus, irrespective of the fact whether you construct a house or choose to sell it later when prices appreciate, the residential plot should be in harmony with vastu norms.

Here are different ways in which the vastu standards of a residential plot can be verified or corrected:

Direction of the plot

The most important factor before choosing a land is its direction. While you plan to purchase a plot, prefer North-facing direction as it is considered highly auspicious. East and west facing plots can also be considered, however, south facing land should be completely avoided.

In addition to direction, type of the soil is also important. Rashmi Jain, Vastu Consultant, Gurgaon avers, “Usually, land covered with lush greenery or agriculturally fertile lands are considered good for habitation, assuring growth and success.  Corner plots are perfect for home construction as they bring happiness and prosperity. Plots bordered by roads from all directions are considered excellent for commercial constructions but not for residential purpose.”

Shape and size of the plot

Ideal shapes for residential plot are square or rectangular which are narrower at the entrance and wider at its rear. However, its opposite is a big “No”. Round, oval, triangular and L-shaped plots should be avoided. It is imperative to check the corners of the land as well, a plot with a cut in the north-east corner is ominous as it is like a headless body, informs Jain.

vastu tips for residential plot

Uniformity of the plot

A flat land should be preferred for residential construction. However, if there are slants then plots with north-east or south-west slopes should be considered as they are extremely propitious.

Westward slopes should be avoided as they lead to health problems and incongruity among family members. One should also watch out for a valley around the plot or depression on the land as they are believed to be inauspicious. Besides, avoid purchasing the plot that is situated between two large plots as it symbolises poverty.

Location of the plot

Avoid buying residential plots near cemetery or hospitals as they are storehouses of negative energies and infections. Any obstruction like bridge, electric pole, hill or a building in the north and east side should be avoided, as it blocks sunlight, however, anything in the west and south can be compromised as it impedes entry of negative energies.

Similarly, water body located on the southwest side of the plot should be avoided as it implies misery. Whereas if the plot has a lake or river nearby that flows in the north-east direction, then it is a good sign and the land can be purchased for residential development.