Real Estate, which calls for one of the most significant and well-thought investments, has witnessed a lot of changes in the attitude and behaviour of the potential homebuyers in the last decade. Digital marketing has played a crucial role in making this change happen. Let’s find out how.

The digital media has hugely impacted people in several ways. Starting from creating awareness to taking decisions. Today, when a person plans to make a significant investment, he takes a lot of mediums into consideration out of which, the internet happens to be a major one. 

Digital marketing and real estate: The correlation

Well, assume that you have been looking for a flat/apartment since some time and, therefore, keeping a look at the different real estate residential projects being developed in and around your city. You find those ads in Newspapers, see a lot of hoardings and banners on your way to office and some of these grab your attention as well. However, once you have started your work, internet and Smartphone are the only two platforms you are able to check for the rest of the day. And when you see real estate news and advertisements on the internet, your interest is generated and you remain connected with the brand. This is exactly how digital marketing helps to serve as a major touch point. Online marketing bridges the gap where traditional marketing cannot reach and, thus, completes the 360 degree marketing cycle.

When your brand engages in digital marketing, it finds itself in the listings that people search for. Most importantly, social advocacy is created, which implies that people speak about certain brands, share their experiences and often point out the positives and USPs of a given real estate project. As such, trust building takes place, thereby, attracting more potential buyers towards it. When you find on Facebook that a friend of yours has invested on a particular residential project, you automatically grow a trust towards the same and consider it more seriously. Following consideration comes lead generation when you set about making an enquiry and eventually convert into a potential buyer.

With the digital strategies applicable for varying platforms, real estate businesses become prepared to fulfil two major goals. First, they make a significant impact on their target buyers and second, they derive an increased ROI.

So, how is this made possible? Well, to begin with, a digital strategy is developed based on the location of the project and the ticket size. Starting with a user-friendly and perfectly navigable website design, the next step is to focus on the various ways of marketing the offerings of your business to generate leads in the digital channels.

Overall, digital marketing can be trusted because it is accountable for each penny that is spent in the process.

A Glimpse of some strategies:

The primary focus of any digital marketing team is always to deliver quality leads through paid and organic channels. The selection of keywords, ad creative, placements and obviously audience targeting plays an important role in meeting the objective.

Facebook and Google Ad Words can be used as major platforms for advertising. With regards to SEO, the website/landing page can be made visible for branding, long search queries and removal of common roadblock of search engines to index and crawl the website. Focus should also be on improving the user experience on the website. Content that can be promoted through different mediums to improve audience reach can be developed and published.

Optimization of the Ad Words campaign can be done by narrowing down the targeted group and, thereby, lowering the budget to yield better returns. Branding is of utmost importance and digital marketing should be done in a way that your business is turned into a brand that people know by name. People engage with your brand in the digital medium and the engagement goes a long way in playing the role of influencers by means of trust building exercises.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had once very rightly said that ‘Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.’

The quote holds extremely true in the present-day real estate market scenario where buyers need to have that level of confidence in their chosen real estate organization and inclusion of proper digital marketing strategy in your marketing mix does exactly that.  It helps your real estate business establish itself as a trusted brand in the field.