While children spend a sizeable portion of their day at school, they do spend the rest of it at home. Studies have indicated that access to extra-curricular activities and time spent in nature and green spaces are essential for the balanced development of a child. However, such areas are becoming scarcer in top metropolitan cities due to increasing saturation of land parcels.

Children spend a large portion of their day at school and the remaining hours at home. This schedule makes it essential for them to be in an environment, while at home, which is favourable towards their physical growth as well as emotional well-being. Cities are becoming concrete jungles, leaving very little or no space for children to enjoy recreational activities. Additionally, with the surge in property prices, homebuyers find it challenging to find the perfect home which meets the requirements of all members of the concerned family.

The advanced concept of child-centric homes provides children with a safe environment to explore the world outside. These communities enable them to have access to a plethora of activities within their premises. According to a study by the Child Mind Institute, children who spend time outside exploring nature turn out to be smarter, more attentive, confident and happier than kids who spend most of their time indoors. While it is true that parents send their children to school for formal education, it is also a fact that a child’s critical skills can only be developed outside the walls of a classroom.

In today’s fast-evolving world where both parents are usually working professionals, it becomes difficult for them to dedicate sufficient time towards the enhancement of their children. Therefore, it has become essential for parents to think about the needs of their children across various stages in the growing years. In the early stage, children need a lot of open and green spaces to run around, play and explore. During their mid-years, they need an area where they can engage in various sporting activities like skating, swimming, badminton and other such outdoor ventures. Teenagers are growing increasingly conscious of their health, and that brings the need for gymnasiums and other community areas like a clubhouse and a café, where they can also spend time with their friends. Some children also find their calling in dance, music and arts; which makes it worthwhile to create homes that cater to these aspects of a homebuyer’s life journey with their kids.

A child’s overall development is a priority for parents, which makes it necessary to create communities that enable this. These world-class facilities not only provide the required infrastructure but also facilitate the holistic development of a child during his/her crucial years.

At Godrej Properties, we give a lot of importance to all aspects of a home for people who will eventually be staying in them. Our upcoming project Godrej Nurture, Bangalore’s first child-centric residential project provides a unique township spanning an area of more than two hectares with half a hectare of open spaces that will be a home that nurtures children towards a better future.