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Nidhi Kumra

Nidhi Kumra

Co-founder and CEO Your-Space

Before becoming a co-founder of Your-Space, Nidhi worked in London as a trader at Lehman Brothers, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch for almost a decade. A gold medalist from St. Stephen’s college, Nidhi went on to pursue her Master’s at Trinity College, Cambridge where she was awarded the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship.

Authored Articles


Co-living takes a hit amid COVID-19
Special Report

Co-living takes a hit amid COVID-19

With real estate sector being hit the hardest amid the coronavirus outbreak, property prices are sure to witness a drop in the near-term, shares, Nidhi…

Nidhi Kumra Co-founder and CEOMar 23, 2020 442
The emergence of co-living brands in India

The emergence of co-living brands in India

With the increased acceptance of shared spaces and the improved focus of realtors on developing customised co-living accommodations, the cohousing industry is bound to expand…

Nidhi Kumra Co-founder and CEOJan 20, 2020 92

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