Architectural features that emerged in the last five years


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Changing trends have encouraged developers to innovate architectural features to keep up with evolving lifestyles. Here are some of the features which have emerged over a period of last five years.

With the world becoming a global village and technology making devices smaller and sleeker, living spaces too are now inspired from global trends and high-tech features. Here are some of the architectural and interior features which have emerged in the Indian real estate only in the last 5 years. Some of them are concepts picked from developed countries which are already battling space crunch and are coming up with innovative solutions to make living spaces more livable.

Minimalistic Designs

Developers in India have now started focusing on creating homes with sleek and minimalistic designs, similar to clutter-free spaces. The ‘less is more’ designs have found profound popularity in the Indian market in the last five years. While planning for such designs, devices are becoming smaller and multipurpose.

For instance, over years, TV wall units have been invariably replaced with wall-mounted televisions and stereo speakers. Moreover, audio enhancing devices too are now inbuilt in the TV sets, needing even lesser space for setting it up.

Use of Glass

Over the years, usage of glass has increased to give a sleeker feel to living spaces. French windows have also become popular as they allow more natural light into the rooms.

Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) laser cut pattern railing or jails are also increasingly used for building toilet shafts or high parapet walls on terraces.

Metal Screen Facade

Another latest feature is the use of metal screen façade in front of glazed walls buildings. This screen can be designed in any shape including abstract, straight or zigzag forms. These kinds of features give a futuristic look to the structure.

Composite Fiber Boards

This is another features that has been brought into use in recent times. Cladding the building with composite fiber boards (wooden finish) give a very bright and long lasting appearance to the structure.

Self Sufficient homes that bring with them all the possible amenities right from security surveillance, gym, swimming pool etc are in trend too. These buildings are normally well integrated with technology and offer home automation, WiFi, puzzler parking and many similar facilities that make the home more consumer centric. Green integration is another addition where homes bring with them features such as rainwater harvesting, vertical garden, roof-top garden, solar panels etc. This not only ensures that the structure is self-sufficient when it comes to energy consumption, but also reduces the maintenance cost for the residents. Green patches in the structure also keep the building safe from dust and heat and makes the premise look alive and vibrant.

With all such features now included in the common construction practices, the Indian real estate has undergone a paradigm shift over the last few years. Technological advancements are expected to continue bringing in such pleasant changes to the lifestyles in the time to come.

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