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SRA flats

The Maharashtra government has been successful in paving the way for providing ‘Housing for all’ by setting up of Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) flats. It is to be seen if the other state governments will employ the same methods to enhance the living standards of slum dwellers. 99acres analyses the process of buying SRA flats as well as the risks involved in the purchase.

Rakesh Kumar, 30, plans to buy a SRA flat of 300 sq ft in Hanuman Nagar, Kandivali East and is keen to know the procedure and risks involved in buying such a flat. Rakesh is not alone in his pursuit of this information. Several people in Mumbai are not even aware of such housing options. Some of them even want to claim home loan for the same.

Let’s begin by defining what is an SRA flat and how is it different from any other flat.

What is an SRA flat?

Slums are a vital part of Mumbai city’s landscape. "Around 60 percent of the population is expected to be located in slums in Mumbai", says Vipin Nayak, a Mumbai-based real estate consultant. In order to enhance the standard of living, the Maharashtra Government formed a committee in 1995 to develop a scheme to rehabilitate slum dwellers. The main aim of setting up an SRA flat is to provide slum rehabilitation. The slum dwellers jointly agree to a redevelopment of the slums and notifies the government to undertake the reconstruction project. The government then works with a private developer who is shortlisted on the basis of a successful bid.  

Veena of a Mumbai-based local brokerage, Veena Estate, explains that usually two types of construction is undertaken as part of the SRA project - one for the slum dwellers who get the place in return for surrendering their existing homes of which the configuration is around 300 sq. ft. The rest of the portion goes to the builder who can sell these housing units to buyers, like in the case of any other flat.

According to rules and regulations issued by SRA in its official website, the following points are mandatory:

  • Once the beneficiaries are allotted a property, they cannot sell as there is a lock-in period of 10 years. The same rule applies to the builders.
  • In case any transaction happens after 10 years, the state government is entitled to get a share of the sale value. This is known as a transaction fee and will be deemed necessary in the registration of the documents of sale. The fee will be equal to the maximum stamp duty on the property, or Rs one lakh, whichever is more. For industrial and commercial tenements, the cap for transfer fee will be Rs two lakh and Rs three lakh, respectively.
  • The buyer is required to submit a domicile certificate for purchasing an SRA flat. He or his family members should not own a house within Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) limits. In addition, the buyer and the original seller is not entitled to buy any SRA flat.
  • The buyer should belong to Economically Weaker Section (EWS), Lower Income Group (LIG) or Middle Income Group (MIG). The sale deed will be made in the name of both husband and wife, wherever applicable. No partnership firms or organisations will be allowed to purchase SRA homes.

Home loan for SRA flats

Experts point out that home loan can be available for purchasing an SRA flat only when the lock-in period is over and all relevant approvals with respect to construction are in place.

“There is no special procedure to apply for a home loan. It will be treated as any other home loan. The due diligence team will ensure all the background check is done like no outstanding loan, etc. In addition, approval is required from the SRA authorities,” says Muralidhar, a Bangalore-based financial consultant.

Checklist while buying an SRA flat

  • The most important thing to check is the deed title of the property. The property title deed is the legal document which proves the ownership of property. You should make sure that the title deed is solely in the name of a seller and only he has the all rights to sell it.

    “It is best to consult a lawyer to ensure there is no loophole in this document,” shares Muralidhar. 

  • “Always check if the property owners have obtained a release certificate from the bank. This will help to check if they have paid their amount due with the lending bank,” he adds. 
  • A duly-stamped sale deed is required to pass on the ownership of the property. You will not be entitled to own the property in the absence of a sale deed.

Risks involved

Although this seems to be a lucrative housing option, however, there is a lot of risks involved in buying SRA flats.

Nayak shares that one-third of all SRA flats is illegally occupied. The slum dwellers have either sold or rented their flats as soon they get possession in order to gain profits, which is against the SRA norms. All the rules and regulations are just on paper and the authority does not conduct any background check.

Buyers who cannot afford homes in the city buy these flats illegally through the way of the power of attorney instead of a sale deed in which they sign a mutual understanding affidavit of transaction done between them. One needs to keep in mind that a buyer is not eligible for a home loan in this type of transaction, he adds. 


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  • Vivek October 5, 20166:27 pm

    I purchased SRA flat 3 years back through the way of power of attorney. As the building construction did not completed 10 years at that time.
    Few days back I got notice from SRA authority to vacant my house.
    Please guide me what options do I have to claim this property and transfer it my name.

    1. Kaushik Sridharan

      Kaushik Sridharan October 7, 20165:17 am

      Hello Vivek,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your concern. We would advise you to seek professional advice from a lawyer to seek more clarity on the matter

  • Ramesh November 3, 20165:16 am

    I am planning to buy a SRA flat in mulund, the property is 12 years old and its on the name of the original slum dweller.
    What all the things i need to check? and what is the market prise in mulund east for resale property? Can a loan be avail for this SRA flat from bank?
    Please guide me.
    Thanks and Regards.

  • Umer shamsi November 4, 20167:35 pm

    Hi, I’m planning to buy a house under Sra scheme n builder says gr2016 has been approved n by spending 2lacs I can the flat transferred in my name. Please advise

  • Rahul Vishwakarma February 21, 20177:25 am


    I want to buy SRA Flat
    1)Can I take home loan for it?
    2)Can I combine 2 flats together for self
    as I already have 1 flat.

    pls reply ASAP.

    1. Subhadra Badauria

      Subhadra Badauria July 24, 20175:43 pm

      Dear Rahul,

      You can take a home loan for acquisition of a new SRA flat.

  • rajesh kalangutkar March 7, 20177:12 am

    hi,i:m planning to buy sra flat in kandivali (e),the property is 4 years old.the property in locking period can i buy the same property.please guide me.

  • Devendra Gupta March 15, 20177:15 pm

    As per SRA Act , the SRA property can not be transferable upto 10 years but you can buy under legal framwork. Pl take professional advice.

  • kalpana joshi March 25, 20172:14 am

    Kalpana 25 march 2-14am

    I purchased SRA flat 6 years back through the way of power of attorney. As the building construction did not completed 10 years at that time.
    Few days back I got notice from SRA authority to vacant my house.
    Please guide me what options do I have to claim this property and transfer it my name.

    1. Subhadra Badauria

      Subhadra Badauria July 24, 20175:42 pm

      Dear Kalpana,

      Please consult a legal adviser for right assistance

  • Kishor Gawali May 10, 20173:30 am

    Meine Flat Purchase kar raha hu SRA ka
    owner expire ho gaye hein unki wife bhi expire ho gayi hein befor owner. aour unka kohi ladka nahi hein
    unke legal heire se mein flat purchase kar sakta hu kya legaal hairs 3 loga hein but 1 hein wo muzhe sell kar raha hein so mera ragistration hoga kya..

  • Subhadra Badauria

    Subhadra Badauria July 24, 20175:41 pm

    Dear Kishor,

    In your case, you need to get the No Objection Certificate from all three legal heirs in order to purchase the property. Consent of just one legal heir does not make the property legally fit for sale.

  • Dhruv July 28, 20173:55 pm

    if i bought SRA flat as a 3rd owner and it is 10 year old property . this property bought by a 2nd owner with the help of power of attorney so now he wants to sell so it is legal to bought this property from 2nd owner or not ??

  • Dhruv July 28, 20175:44 pm

    i am purchasing SRA flat as a third owner .so it is legal or not ??2nd owner has purchased with the help of power of attorney and roperty is now 11 year old. so now is there any requirement for 1st owner??

    1. Subhadra Badauria

      Subhadra Badauria September 26, 20174:45 pm

      Dear Dhruv,

      There is no requirement of the first owner.

  • Rahul Bhagwan Ovhal Ovhal August 1, 20174:59 pm

    As per high Court Tanasa main pipe line under 10 mtr slum area are demoliltion.Vidyavihar East 400 slum demolition and shift HDIL Kural west by state government but after 8 month MBC say all 400 slum members state government cancelled the all 400 alloted room i request you to pleas advice what we are do that time

    Rahul Bhgawna Ovhal

  • Sushant August 28, 20171:56 pm

    When we can sale Flat( Loan possible) which is in SRA plot Building ?

    1. Subhadra Badauria

      Subhadra Badauria September 26, 20174:46 pm

      Dear Sushant,

      The flat can only be sold after a lock-in period of 10 years.

  • Hitesh Kaswa August 28, 20173:22 pm

    I have purchased SRA flat 3 years back, now 10 years have completed from possession letter. How much stamp duty is to be paid to get the property transferred in my name and what will be the procedure?

    1. Subhadra Badauria

      Subhadra Badauria September 26, 20174:47 pm

      Hi Hitesh,

      Please post your query on to fetch experts’ assistance.

  • Vijay Khalkar September 11, 20173:26 pm

    My Queries are given below, please revert with your valuable feedback,
    Can govt sell SRA flats directly before lock in period
    Can govt built extra flats to sell in open market??
    Can govt or Mhada sell extra flats to open market??
    Can mhada or SRA auth. appoint any person to sell extra flats in open market??

    I am planing to buy a flat in chembur mahul & i came to know that they are selling below type of flats
    flats that not occupied
    flats that built extra than hutments

    please help and revert

    1. Subhadra Badauria

      Subhadra Badauria October 27, 20179:43 am

      Dear Vijay,

      Please consult a legal advisor in this case.

  • Sayeeda khan September 20, 20175:13 pm

    I want to buy sra flat it’s 10 year’s old.
    Can I get home loan on it.

    1. Subhadra Badauria

      Subhadra Badauria October 27, 20179:40 am

      Dear Sayeeda,

      No you can cannot buy a property unless it is 10 years old as the lock-in period of SRA flats is 10 years.

  • Punit October 12, 201711:31 pm

    can I give SRA Property on rent aftr the I get Possession?

  • YASHWANT NANA GAWDE October 21, 201712:46 pm

    My query is…
    I want to purchase SRA flat which building is 18 years old. Avantika , Maniklal compound Ghatkopar (W)
    Society has registered and having registration number. SRA has 100% handover to Society.
    It is necessary to pay transfer fees to SRA ?
    also confirm whether registration will not possible without SRA permission letter ???

    Really SRA permission letter is required for registration process ??

    Kindly reply…

  • naresh October 23, 20171:59 pm

    i have purchased a sra flat from 3 joint owners and registered agreement . i wish to transfer in sra. i have checked with online application on website. possesion letter is dated 16.7.2007. oc is dated 28.3.2010.

    can i apply for transfer???
    can one seller file online application ???
    any consultant who help me in doing so???

    1. Subhadra Badauria

      Subhadra Badauria October 27, 20179:44 am

      Dear Naresh,

      Please consult a legal advisor for best assistance.

  • SUJAY KADAM October 27, 20178:22 pm

    Hi Subhadra
    I am purchasing an SRA flat which is not allotted to the owner he said he will give power attorny and all original doctument and builder will issue allotment letter in my name kindly let me know validity of his words

  • Amit kori October 30, 20172:47 pm

    Hi ,

    i am planning to buy SRA flat in Poonam Nagar Andheri east.
    its 9 year old property and 1 yr still remaining to complete the lock period .
    i am buying this property from the 2nd owner ,should i proceed now, with some legal documentation ??is loan possible right now on this property ?

    what will be the exact process …please advise the same

  • Mayur November 4, 20173:12 pm

    @Subhadra, can you please suggest any lawyer who is specialized in SRA Pvt Selling Flats.

  • Anand November 7, 20172:47 pm

    We are planning to buy a SRA flat, the property is 12 yrs old and its in the name of the original slum dweller.
    Have few queries regarding that :
    1) What is the checklist I have to look for?
    2) What is the procedure to make the property in our name from MHADA?
    3) Who will give us NOC (MHADA or soceity) for
    4) What are the charges for all the procedure and who has to bear it?
    Waiting for your reply!

  • Rakesh more November 8, 201711:02 am


    i want buy flat in SRA MMRDA Mulund East, but the building is completed 7 years and the owner is 2nd party. so can i buy the property and will it transfer to my name after 10 years ?

  • SUNIL INGALE November 9, 20174:14 pm

    Sir I have to purchase sra flat safely.plz giving me any idea or solution if I supposed purchase such property

  • SUNIL INGALE November 13, 201711:59 am

    Plz sir guidance about purchasing sra flat

  • Shahnawaz November 14, 20171:33 pm

    Dear Sir,

    We have been told by the Promotor to Vacate the house and get shifted in an SRA Flat. we did so now the Builder has not give us the Allotment letter so far and the promotor whos had told us to vacate, has been removed as promotor and new promotor has come. who says i do not know anything in this issue. what do we do in this case

  • devendra chavan November 16, 20176:47 pm

    I have purchased a room in chawl, after few month SRA took over that land..and allotment letter given to me…now builder officers wants document as sson as possible of that address but i don’t have some document of that address..such as voter id and aadhar card. how to get this document of that address as soon as possible can any buddy help me out..

    or any other way to solve this problem….?

    if i don’t submitted that document to the builder,than my room become illegal or not…?

  • AD November 20, 201712:48 am

    For MHADHA can buy the room in resale by paying required amount to government. Does same rule is there for SRA buying before 10 years? Thanks in advance for guidance.

  • Irshad isak Shaikh December 3, 20178:19 pm

    I want to buy SRA flate at Kandivali East opposite Samta Nagar police station …. So I want to know what is rate of that now regenable

    1. Subhadra Badauria

      Subhadra Badauria December 29, 20173:27 pm

      Hi Irshad,

      Please post your query on

    2. Subhadra Badauria

      Subhadra Badauria December 29, 20173:27 pm

      Hi Irshad,

      Please post your query on

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