The Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) has identified over 6,800 hectares of land around the city’s periphery for the development of utilities. These are under various stages of preparation within the AUDA limit.

The Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) has recently announced its Budget for 2021-22; indicating a jump of 125 percent over the ongoing fiscal, i.e. 2020-21. The AUDA Board, while presenting the Budget, apprised about the intentions of the Authority to develop large public land parcels, measuring over 6,800 hectares, by 2022. These are situated around the city’s periphery and have been identified for development via the process of land reconstitution.

As informed by a senior AUDA official, the land reconstitution process had been used extensively for SP Ring Road project in 1999. Initially, the plan was to acquire a 1,640 ft wide and 31 mile long corridor using compulsory purchase. However, this would have caused huge displacement since the majority of land parcels were irregular and devoid of access. These were later reconstituted to avoid land acquisition disputes. The acquisition involved smaller and large land parcel holdings in villages and popular areas of the city.

Till date, the Authority has used this technique to develop 13,376 hectares of land. Now, it further intends to use this for the development of over 6,800 hectares of land.