At its basic form, the contemporary style of interior design can be classified by some of its key features such as minimalism, subtle sophistication and broad use of textures and shades. In this interior design style, the overall design exudes a clean and crisp essence with more emphasis given to the space itself rather than the décor.  The implementation of this style needs some expertise, and must follow a few basic rules to bring out the complete beauty of contemporary interiors:


Contemporary designs feature neutral colours such as black, white and grey with the occasional pop of contrasting colours, which further accentuates the room's dynamics. Neutral colours are always the primary pick for backgrounds, while bold colours are used as accents. A big advantage of having neutral backdrops is that they pave the way for all the bold colours and décor to shine. The balance of colour is very important in all interiors, and hence one should be careful not to introduce too much contrast to the room's primary colour. 


The flooring is easy. In any contemporary design, the floors should be smooth and minimal. If wanted, one can incorporate wood or tiles as well. Apart from this, adding a textured rug or carpet is also a great way to add some patterns to the interiors.   


Lighting should be kept to a minimum but should be strategically placed in order to help illuminate the space efficiently. Track and recessed lighting are a great way to make sure one gets the lighting absolutely perfect. Contemporary lighting should be simple, with clean lines and a smooth tone, no need for any overindulgent lighting elements. Spotlights or lighting are best suited to showcase a specific structure or a piece of art, if there is any. This will automatically draw the guests' attention to exactly where it should be. 


Art or sculptures of the contemporary style of thought should be placed at eye level. Placing them on a column or a pedestal can be a tasteful combination. Subtle, elegant wooden frames matte black or glossy black frames are a preferred choice for contemporary art. Frames with high-gloss or in matte black, natural wood are great for any artwork. If one has multiple paintings, it is logical to hang them as a collage. In contemporary interiors, negative space is seen as a good thing.