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Mayfair Greenwoods

Mayfair Greenwoods

Residential Apartment at Malancha Mahinagar (Near Harinavi)

Project Snapshot

Property Type:
Residential Apartment
Area Range:
720 - 1110 sq. ft.
Price Starting From:
Rs 19.33 Lacs
Dec 2014

Mayfair Greenwoods – Overview

A creation of the latest technology and architecture, Mayfair Greenwoods in Sonarpur is an apartment complex with the world of its own. Mayfair Greenwoods has been planned for 92 flats. The complex is equipped with all the facilities that are required to carry on our day to day lives. Add to this the state of the art amenities like multi gym, swimming pool, kids play area and more. All in all Mayfair Greenwoods awaits with the promise of a lifestyle that's as good as anywhere in the world.

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Location Map

Unit Details & Floor Plans

BlockFlat No.Type

Area (Sq Ft)Basic Rate/sq ft

Flat Cost

Floor Plans
AFlat No.- 1277026852067450Click to view
AFlat No.- 2399026852658150Click to view
AFlat No.- 3276026852040600Click to view
AFlat No.- 4396026852577600Click to view
AFlat No.- 5276026852040600Click to view
AFlat No.- 6396026852577600Click to view
AFlat No.- 7276026852040600Click to view
AFlat No.- 8396026852577600Click to view
AFlat No.- 9276026852040600Click to view
AFlat No.- 10396026852577600Click to view
AFlat No.- 11398026852631300Click to view
AFlat No.- 12277026852067450Click to view
BFlat No.- 1272026851933200Click to view
BFlat No.- 2277026852067450Click to view
BFlat No.- 3283026852228550Click to view
BFlat No.- 4272026851933200Click to view
BFlat No.- 5280026852148000Click to view
BFlat No.- 6272026851933200Click to view
BFlat No.- 7282026852201700Click to view
BFlat No.- 8272026851933200Click to view
BFlat No.- 9276026852040600Click to view
BFlat No.- 10272026851933200Click to view
BFlat No.- 113111026852980350Click to view


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