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What is FSI and how we calculate ration of area to be constructed in a group Housing?

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Sunil Pal 4 years ago
*FSI = Floor Space Index

-The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) or Floor Space Index (FSI) is the ratio of the total floor area of buildings on a certain location to the size of the land of that location, or the limit imposed on such a ratio.
As a formula: Floor Area Ratio = (Total covered area on all floors of all buildings on a certain plot)/(Area of the plot)

Thus, an FSI of 2.0 would indicate that the total floor area of a building is two times the gross area of the plot on which it is constructed, as would be found in a multiple-story building.
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Lahu Ramchandra K... 3 months ago
please tell me my plot area in wadki nala pune is 3000sft how much built-up area can i construct for my scheme NA town planning.
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manoj waghmare a year ago
fsi calculation in manewada nagpur
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sampath 2 years ago
The plot size is 110 feet X 100 feet and in that flat is going to promote by promoters for Stilt + 4 floors and they are saying that fsi must be less than1.9 how to calculate.
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Estatebazaar first multiply 110x100=11000 then multiply11000sqft total plot area by ur fsi in ur case 1.9 results is 20900 tht the total builtup area. now ur case 1stilt floor + 4floors.thts 20900 divided by 5 = 4180 on each floor.assume 4flats on each floor 2 1bhk 600sqft & 2 2bhk 900sqft rest for lift n stairs
a year ago
Estatebazaar and duct area..
a year ago
Estatebazaar if u like my reply click on LIKE or thumps up image.. Thanks
a year ago
Narender Kumar lot of ways to find
a year ago
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ronak suthar 3 years ago
i have plot in chankheda.daskroi.his siza is 1795.73sqmt and one side12mt road. and one side 18mt road.. so please cinfo me which calculate this area
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Mohit Dhar 4 years ago
FSI cost of building
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