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Ask & Answer Mode... answered Rizwan Khan's question Few mins ago
Ask & Answer Mode... Rizwan Khan, you can post your advertisement here: The first two listings are free. For paid packages offered by 99acres, please refer to this  ... more
Few mins ago
Rajesh gadgil answered shirish pandit's question 2 hours ago
Rajesh gadgil First file an FIR with local police station and give advertisement in News paper, saying your agreement is missing and if any one has found it, please return. Then apply with Sub-Registrar O ... more
2 hours ago
Deepak  started a discussion on Succession Certificate Requirment?
Deepak We have a 30 years old freehold flat in Group Housing Society in New Delhi. The original owner was my father who died in 2005 and later on my mother became the second owner due to succession. My mother died in 2014 leaving behind 3 legal heirs (2 sons and 1 daughter). Due to a mutual agreement between we 3 legal heirs, we decided to make 1 legal heir as new owner of flat by way of Relinquishment Deed (RD) executed by 2 legal heirs in favor of 1 legal heir.

Now we want to sell the flat and have found a buyer and have provided copies of all the ownership documents such as original allotment
 ... more
2 hours ago in Sale- Delhi West
arnab answered Partha Bhattachar...'s question 5 hours ago
arnab I am looking to buy a share in registered cooperative(HIG) society membership in New Town(AA1). As you are interested to sale your share, I was wondering if you could provide me your contact ... more
5 hours ago
karthikeyan answered P.Shanker's question 11 hours ago
karthikeyan post your ad in 99acres website paid listing. You will get prospective buyers for your property
11 hours ago
om khopade answered Priti Patkar's question 17 hours ago
om khopade Range is near by 4500/sqft.
17 hours ago
Devender Bisht commented on their answer 19 hours ago
Devender Bisht Please mention the total plot area of the property, the one which are on the main road are approx 500 sq yards properties , and without roof right , it would cost you somewhere between 9.5 t ... more
2 months ago
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Anand plot area is 450 sq. yds. A-2 block
2 months ago
Devender Bisht Approx 6.5 to 7 Cr depending on location and condition.
19 hours ago
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