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By Rajiv   3 years ago  10549 views
Navin 3 years ago
Your motif of buying is not clear, is it for receiving compensation or tax saving ?
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Sudheesh marnad 3 years ago
You can purchase the land, but you may face lot of legal issues if you construct anything in it. It will be tough to get approval, bank loan etc while you construct.
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Hi Rajiv!
if you are not a Farmer then its difficult to buy a Agriculture landas most of the state do not permit non farmer to buy agriculture land.
Please get in touch with the local advocates to know the documentaion needed to buy agriculture land .
Lokendra Singh
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Best Answer
3 years ago
To buy Agricultural Land you need to be a farmer as in you need to have the Farmer status holding the RED BOOK. It is a catch 22 situation that to buy Agricultural Land you need to be a farmer, but how can you be a farmer if you do not hold any agricultural land ? There are a couple of ways you can do this viz you can get the Farmer / Agriculturist status from the collector of the location in which you are interested to buy Land, needs liasioning through a local or there are certain Locations in India where you can buy Agricultural land in India without being a farmer, once you have Agricultural land in your name anywhere in India in your name then you can on that basis buy Agricultural Land anywhere and claim your Agriculturist status. All the best ........
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Pabitra Dash @KALPESH, If you are from non-farmer family, you can not buy agriculture land in Gujrat. Try in Rajasthan.
2 years ago
Sharon Can we purchase land from a scheduled caste farmer, in karnataka? We belong to the general category.
a year ago
Pabitra Dash @Saron, you can not purchase from scheduled cast farmer.
a year ago
Deepak Rangwani Sir what abt in Madhya Pradesh. I am also intrested in buying agri land
a year ago
Pankaj Any person after buying the agriculture land from any farmer, then this agriculture land may convert in colonies by the person or not. If yes, what under section of Indian Agriculture Act shall be apply for this proceeding and what is the process for this. Form Pankaj Bedi
a year ago
Arun Verma 3 years ago
no u can not buy agriculture land.
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Gaurav name the states where a resident of delhi can buy agricultural land? if you know the process of farming please email me at *************@*****.***
a year ago
Ask & Answer Mode... Dear Gaurav, please refrain from leaving your contact details on the wall along with yor answer. Instead update your V-card with all your contact details including em-mail id and mobile number.
a year ago
Prakash sir main ek jameen buy ki thi 18 saal pahele,uske dastavez mere naam pe hai lekin saat baar ka utara nahi karvaya...lekin 2 saal pahele jis se main ne jameen kharidi usne mujpe case kiya,,aur kaha ki ye jameen uno ne nahi bechi...now what is solution...cane in court
8 months ago
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