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i am a central govt employee. there is a CGEWHO housing scheme in Plot No. 7, Sector P-4 Phi2, Builders
Area, Near Unitech Height, Greater Noida, approx. 5 km from Pari Chowk of Greater Noida. i want to apply for 3 bhk flat of approx. 1400 sq ft. please say probable cost of the flat n future prospe

By Sudhakar   4 years ago  7294 views
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Raj Gautam 2 years ago
It is a scheme for central govt employees and CGEWHO is going to be made it a multy story flats (not less then 8 stroeis). Land has already been purchased by the CGEWHO before 2010 (i.e. old market price). Other private builder's flat in same location is readily available less than 30.00 lac. In view of this, price of 3 BHK should be less then 32.00 lac.
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Sunil Pal 4 years ago
Price is the near by area is around Rs.3000/- per sqft if we assume 10% annual appreciation the apartment cost after 3 years would be something around Rs.55 Lacs.
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moolchand gautam when will demand Ist installment of 3 BHK flat
a year ago
kspal cost of 3 bhk at this time should not be more than 20 lacs under poverty alleviation scheme with increased far . this land was purchased only to construct these many no. of flats .where as cgewho is going to keep 1/4th area left empty for future extension which was not declared while launching s
11 months ago
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Sachin Setya a year ago
u can go ahead if u are end user from defence background.If you are investor there are lot of other better options available
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Swapnil Srivastva 4 years ago
what is the approximate price of 03 bhk flat in CGEWHO scheme in Greater Noida
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pappu 4 years ago
suppose some one has a DDA flat (less than 50 sq yards) in New Delhi. Can He apply for the CGEWHO flat
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Mr Pankaj Dogra 4 years ago
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Chhab Applns fr Grter Nda flats wr invted in 02/11 1st dmnd lttr hs ben snt in 07-08/14. Ther is no bord/ Markng ercted at site plot till date. Elphnta grass is grwng. Plot is fll of mosqtos & drty rain H2O is stnkng. 2nd instlment... when ??cmpltion of flats when ??? By the tme 1/2 mmbrs R R SAT Hai...
11 months ago
Chhab Please try to understand my language & meaning
11 months ago
Chhab Respected senior members, would you like to continue, if CGEWHO assures that there will be no further escalation in so called declared prices of the flats in future and time framed completion of construction.
11 months ago
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