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how to know patta name of a plot with the help of survey number

i have purchased a land which is dtcp approved land. EC is in our name. But now we go for the patta application at first the told everything is correct then they registered for patta application after 3 weeks the surveyor called and told the patta was in other name. how to verify its correct or not
By senthil.k   a year ago  16104 views
chandramohan 9 months ago
IHave a Land in Pettappalayam Village, Namakkal Taluk, Namakkal District. Its Survey Number is 182/4B1 and i want to Know the patta Number for that
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cmoorthy my survery number is 725/A1and 725/B1in melakkal village ,vadipatti taluk, madurai i want to know the patta number for that
4 months ago
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nandagopal a year ago
How do find survey number 880/4A2 in chennai ambattur
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Ravi a year ago
Agricultural patta lands nanja (wet lands)

Agricultural patta lands punja (dry lands)

Residential patta lands and so on.

A patta land means it is private property stands in the name of an individual in the Revenue Records of the Government.. In fact in case of civil disputes patta holder is having good title over the property.

How to Check your Patta?:

Visit the website of Anytime / Anywhere e-Services of Government of Tamil Nadu. You can view the Patta Copy (Chitta Extract) and A-Register Extract for the agriculture land in Tamil Nadu .
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krishna residential patta
a year ago
Aditi In Tamil Nadu, Is there a way to findout the patta number with the help of S.F number? I dont know the patta number of a given S.F number. Please advice.
3 months ago
prathiba with the help of survey number whether it is possible to get patta number details
5 days ago
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