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How much current stamp duty and registration charges in grampanchayat area in pune for new property

By Rakesh   2 years ago  22623 views
Best Answer
2 years ago
No, Now it is revised it will be 5% on consideration or market value whichever is higher. and registration fees is 1% but maximum upto 30000
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Amit U give very infomative answers Amit ji...
Thanks for enhancing my knowledge...
2 years ago
vijaysky Dear Amit, Kindly provide me any contact no of stump duty & registration agent for RAHNAL Bhiwandi Thane property
a year ago
LALITA i want know home registry charges in gwalior mp for woman
11 months ago
aayushman 2 years ago
Stamp duty is roughly 5% of the basic flat be specific..Stamp Duty = {[(Area)x(Rate) + carparking + MSEB] - 5,00,000} 5% - 7,600, you need to round off the last two digits and add 10 to the final amount and registration is Rs. 30000 or 1 % of basic cost.. whichever is less.
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Kaushik J.Rathod But as per times article there is 20% hike in RR values please share your view for this issue
a year ago
LALITA i want to know home registry charges in gwalior mp
11 months ago
LALITA i want know home registry charges gwalior mp for woman
11 months ago
RAMESH i want know DC CONVECTION SITE registry charges RAMNAGAR DIST
2 months ago
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