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Stamp duty fee highest in Hyderabad among metros


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Are you buying a property in Hyderabad? It is important for you to know the additional costs that you will be required to pay at the time of registering a flat. Each city has different stamp duty charges depending upon state laws. Both, registration and stamp duty charges are compulsory payments.

While stamp duty is a tax levied by state governments, registration value is levied for keeping the records of the sale document. Compared to other cities, Hyderabad has a higher stamp duty charge.

The stamp duty charge in the city is 7.5 per cent for both male and female property buyers. The registration charge is 1 per cent of the total value of the property. The stamp duty charges are not revised for a long time in Hyderabad. The state government fixes up the market value of each and every place.

The final payment that you make towards registration and stamp duty on whichever is basis the government market value or transaction amount, whichever is higher. Experts say that in lower-end locations, the value is decided basis the sale agreement while in upper-end locations; it is the sub-registrar’s office that decides what market value of the property should be considered.

Among all other metros including Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, Hyderabad has the highest stamp duty charges.

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