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Registration fees and stamp duty charges – Bangalore


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Stamp duty and registration charges in Bangalore
If you are planning to buy a property in Bangalore and have a set budget, you must consider the amount you will have to pay for getting your property registered. As per the ongoing rates, you are required to pay 5 per cent of the total or registered property value as stamp duty and 1 per cent of the total or registered property value as registration fees in Bangalore.
Calculation of total cost of property
In addition to this, there is 10 per cent cess and 2 per cent surcharge on stamp duty. In total, a buyer is liable to pay 5.6 per cent stamp duty in urban areas. In areas under Village Panchayat, the surcharge is 3 per cent and thus the stamp duty value is 5.65 per cent.

While stamp duty tax is levied by the state governments on the property, basis its market value, registration value is levied for registration of documents under Registration Act, 1908. These charges, although compulsory, vary from state to state depending upon city laws.

To calculate the registration fee and Stamp duty, different standards are used for different property types. In Bangalore –


  • For multi-storey apartments, the super built-up area is considered for calculation
  • For plots, the sq ft area of the plot is multiplied by the prevailing guideline value of that area
  • For independent houses, the total constructed area is considered


Quick facts on stamp duty in Bangalore
How to calculate the total cost of property
The stamp duty rates are not fixed and are bound to change from time to time. However, there are no fixed timelines for these charges to be revised by the Karnataka government. Most of the times the state government revises them annually. Unlike many other states, such as Haryana and Rajasthan, these charges are same for both, men and women in Bangalore.

These charges, are mostly dependent upon the prevailing market rate of the property, expansion of city limits and property market performance.

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  • Mala Hublikar December 3, 20142:36 pm

    how to get to know the government rates for a particular area or plot . How to get a survey done to know the market rates for a particular area in the city who can help in this , so please elaborate on this matter. Thank you

  • M. N. Ahmed February 1, 201511:45 am

    what is the value of apartment in millers road, bangalore? What is guideline value? registration value is determined on superbuili area or carpet area of apt?

  • MM Hussain February 18, 20152:00 pm

    What is the stamp duty charges in kasavanahalli hurlur

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