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How the Right Colours Impact your Home


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Dr  VaishaliFor centuries, Vastu shastra has used colours to create beautiful & healthy homes which attract prosperity and positivity, says Vastu expert Dr Vaishali Gupta. Discover how these impact your home.

Colours influence the human mind and body immensely. According to vastu, the right colours need to be used to decorate homes or business places and that each space is divided into 8 vastu zones and there is a specified colour to strengthen these zones.

For example, if a house has extended south east zone, use of white colour will reduce the impact of Agni element here. In case there is a cut in the north east or closed north east in a house, then applying flashy silver white will restore the lost qualities of that zone.

  • Use of yellow colour in south west and south zone will increase the strength of this earth zone which in turn gives stability and power to the master of the house, as south west and south zones represent the head of a house or organization
  • A room which receives lesser natural light should be painted in light colours whereas a room receiving natural light throughout the day can be painted in deep colors
  • Blue colour should not be painted on the walls of a room that has only a north window and admits cold light and a room getting a lot of sunlight should not be painted in too much of warm colors like yellow and orange tones
  • It is always better to paint the ceiling white as it radiates white light throughout the room and lessens the room temperature
  • To stimulate a good appetite, vastu recommends peach and vibrant yellow colour for the dining room
  • Green colour which is the colour of mercury is an excellent choice for a study room as it leads to a better concentration among students
  • Green colour is also used in hospitals for quick healing and to stimulate good health

As colours affect both, the mind and the body, therefore, we should plan the colours of our home with some insight into its effects. It may be concluded that colour therapy in Vastu shastra is a profound remedial measure and is an excellent means of curing vastu defects without doing any breakage in structure.

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